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I finally finished the game at 100%... my thoughts


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Well, it took me about from August 2017- February 2018 to finish GTA: San Andreas at 100%. There were other things that kept me from finishing it sooner, but I have now completed it after a long time.


It was quite a ride from Los Santos to Red County to San Fierro to the desert to Las Venturas and back home to Los Santos. There was a lot to do and I liked the radio stations in this one. The amount of minigames and things to do and I'm amazed at how Rockstar was able to do all of this within a 2 to 3 year period. But however sometimes the story went all around the place and I can see why a mature direction was taken for GTA 4 (as well as the whole new engine). Carl seems to be a bit naive at times for all the times he was used by other people.


Overall, it was a fun experience.

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Lock n' Stock

I remember just spending months 100 percenting the entire GTA series from III to TBOGT. Good times.

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So about 7 months huh? That's alot of days to go through...Good job though on completing it! :D

Basically, I started grad school in August and I was at the part doing Paramedic and Firetruck missions in Los Santos. I played it during the weekend for the Fall after finishing homework and got to San Fierro before Christmas. By January, I was in Las Venturas. The issues were playing it on Windows 10 and the game crashed at times if I didn't move the mouse due to Windows 10 and no screensaver.


It really helps to do the side missions first. I just did the Courier, Firetruck, Taxi and Paramedic missions and then went to the OBT in Los Santos a number of times. Needless to say, I didn't have to worry about money at all.

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