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Female cops?


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Wuz just leading the police on a merry chase around Pillbox Hill and suddenly I heard a woman barking orders!


A black lady in a police uniform began shooting my sorry ass.

So I ran away....and then a cop pulled up alongside me and the cop got out and it was a white woman.

This is interesting.

Is I hallucinating? I just went back in game and the lady cop is still there.

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You probably not, I have yet to see a female Officer in Los Santos. Blaine county near station I do. I never see them patrolling in a vehicle. Glad to know that it was scripted, it should have been a long time ago!

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I had seen comments like yours. There is the image on bootup of the brunette cop arresting a blonde girl, and many of us often wonder why it was there when there were no lady cops in the game.

Rockstar musta included it in a recent update.

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Cutter De Blanc

Been there since the begining

They even shout through the loudspeaker if they have a police car

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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I know its not in game but there is a game art that has a female officer arresting a blonde in a white hat and shades.

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You'll only find Female LSPD officers at the Police Station in Mission Row.


A Female Sheriff can be found at the Sandy Shores station and very rarely (and I mean really f*cking rarely) one will spawn alongside other Sheriffs while you have a wanted level.

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Come to think of it...yes, there always has been a female deputy on her cell phone at Sandy Shores. And yes, I was in the Mission Row area.
I had never seen female officers anywhere except for the deputy in Sandy Shores.

Ah well. Brain cells going bad.

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