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GTA 3 win 10 problem. Game won't open.

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So i recently got myself GTA 3 on my PC again and i want to finally 100% the first game i ever played, and my favorite GTA. It worked fine the first day other than some glitches were the writing in the menu would load really slowly. Well, i wanted to play the game again today and the game won't open... There is a small loading circle that lasts for a sec. near my cursor and that's it. No error no nothing. The game won't open at all. I installed silent patch and it's not changing anything. I tried to fix my game all day :cry: to no avail...


Dunno if it helps you troubleshoot my problem but my specs are the following:


intel core i5-3570 CPU

3.40 GHz

16 GB of RAM

64 bit operating processor, x64 based processor


If i want to try some compatibility mode my changes won't f*cking save, yes, i did press 'apply' and 'ok' and it simply won't save.


I'm desperate, help me :(:cry::cry::sui:

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I'm a f*cking genius. f*ck the internet. Guess what i did? I CUT THE GAME FROM PROGRAM FILES 86 TO PROGRAM FILES.


IT NOW WORKS!!!!!!!!! THE STUPIDEST FIX EVER WORKED!!!!!!! Holy f*cking sh*t. I feel awesome.


And... it doesn't work. Again. Now the game freezes while the intro is running... Help? :(

Edited by ITz_cLaude_bAB

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And... it doesn't work. Again. Now the game freezes while the intro is running... Help? :(

Try limiting the game to 60 FPS, and if that doesn't help you, then I'm just as lost as you are.

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