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GTA Online Concept DLC - The Grand Heist


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Youve robbed a lab, 2 banks, broke a prisoner free, sold drugs, and saved the world...what happens next? Why its the grand heist. Gone are the days of small little crimes, and saving the city from a billionaire tech mogul, and now its time to take whats rightfully yours...lots, and lots of money.


Arrives Dec. 4th





(Super) Overflod Icon - Koenigsegg Regera: $1,903,000


(Super) Coil Prowler - Tesla Roadster 2020: $1,862,000


(Super) Pegassi Carnage - Lamborghini Centenario: $2,019,000 (drip fed)


(Super) Progen 890X - McLaren 720S: $1,776,000 (drip fed)


(Sports) Dewbauchee Vesper - Aston Martin Vantage: $1,351,000


(Sports) Karin NX-5 - Toyota FT-1: $1,195,000


(Sports) Obey 9F SR - 2nd Gen. Audi R8 V10 Plus: $1,438,000 (drip fed)


(Sedan) Coil S3 - Tesla Model 3: $424,000


(Sedan) Vapid Spartan - Kia Stinger: $497,000 (drip fed)


(SUV) Canis Seminole SR - Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: $651,000


(SUV) Coil XY - Tesla Model X: $505,000


(SUV) Pegassi Neptune - Lamborghini Urus: $603,000 (drip fed)


(Muscle) Bravado Gauntlet Drag - Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: $988,000 (drip fed)


(Motorcycles) Dinka Shadow - Aprilia Shiver: $312,000





F-60 Lightning - Chengdu J-20: $2,763,000


HVY Behemoth - A-10 Thunderbot: $2,901,000 (drip fed)


Mammoth Z90 - Eurocopter X3: $1,975,000 (drip fed)





Nagasaki Blackfin - SV11 Barracuda: $1,831,000


Aquatica Tank - Combat Boat 90: $2,045,000 (drip fed)



Drip Feed Schedule:


Pegassi Neptune - Dec. 11th


Progen 890X - Dec. 18th


Obey 9F SR - Dec. 20th


Aquatica Tank - Dec. 23rd


Bravado Gauntlet Drag - Dec. 25th


Mammoth Z90 - Jan. 1st


Vapid Spartan - Jan. 8th


Pegassi Carnage - Jan. 15th


HVY Behemoth - Jan. 22nd





Flamethrower: $155,000


Smoke Bomb: $30,000 (each)



Business Property:


Base - Scattered throughout the city are different bases that are the locations of the new Grand Heist. Prices range from $900,000 - $1,500,000 based on the location, and customization.



The Grand Heist:


To start The Grand Heist, you must answer the call from Lester, and head to his garment factory. He will proceed to tell you that this is much harder than anything youve ever done in your entire experience. Once you accept, you will need to purchase a new base.


One arrived at the base, you will be prompted to start The Grand Heist. Once started, you, and up to 4 players will begin...


The Grand Heist consist of 4 acts, numerous setups, and of course, The Grand Heist.


(SUMMARY) Steal enough money to fund the heist; disrupt the Police, Navy, and Air Force; and rob stores, banks, and the FIB building of Los Santos.


Setup - Preparations: You, and the other players, will travel to various shops, and search them.


Setup - Cameraman: You, and your group, will go to the locations visited before, destroy the existing security cameras. and place your own throughout the buildings.


Setup - Camera Check: You, and your group go to the various shops, and check the cameras. To check the cameras, you will shoot the cashier, and see if the camera picks it up. Unfortunately, one will, and you will have to avoid a 3 star wanted level.


Act 1 Finale - Creating a Budget: Break in to the various shops that were scouted before, kill the employees, and take the money. Avoid the police, and return to your base. Once you return, you will earn a total of $536,000 to split through the group.


Setup - Cop Car Fiasco: Each member of your team must get a wanted level, steal the cop car, avoid the wanted level, and return the car to the base.


Setup - Weapons War: Locate an Ammunation delivery vehicle, kill the driver, rob the truck, and return the stolen weapons to your base.


Setup - Stalk: Go throughout the city, and take pictures of the cops you find. Once youve taken enough, Lester will find ones that look like you, and your group.


Setup - Uniform Team: Locate the look alike cops throughout the city, kill them, store their bodies in the given truck, and bring them back to the base. Lester will collect their uniforms for later use.


Act 2 Finale - LSPD Arrest: Disguise as the look alike cops, split up, and go to various police stations, kill the cops that are on duty, and release the inmates that are being held in order for the target on your back to be shrunken very, very slightly. Avoid the wanted level, and return to the base. If done successfully, you will be rewarded $720,000


Setup - Blackfin: You, and your team head to a location, kill everyone there, and take the 2 new Blackfin combat boats


Setup - Aquatica Tank: You, and your team head to another location, kill everyone there, and take the Aquatica Tank.


Setup - Naval Ship Locate: Locate 3 different naval aircraft carriers, and return to the base once they are found.


Act 3 Finale - Sink The Navy: Using the stolen boats, 2 team members in the Aquatica Tank and the remaining 2 in the Blackfins, travel to the various naval ships, and shoot them until they explode, and sink while avoiding the police. Return to your base successfully, and be rewarded $795,000


Setup - Behemoth: Head to the selected location, kill the people there, and steal the 2 Behemoths.


Setup - Lightning Storm: Head to the selected location, and steal the Lightning fighter jet.


Setup - Getaway Chopper: Go to the location, kill the people there, and steal the Z90.


Act 4 Finale - Air Force Crash: 3 of the team members go to the fighter jets, 1 in the Lightning and 2 in the Behemoths. They go to various aircraft carriers, and destroy the jets, and other aircrafts that are on board. Whilst doing that, they are avoiding Lazers from the military base. While the 3 are fighting those, the last person kills everyone in the watch tower at the military base, and then heads to pick up the others (when everyone is dead, the Lazers stop spawning). Once in the location, and after all the Lazers have been defeated, the 3 pilots jump out of their planes, and make their way to the Z90. After you return safely to the base, you will be payed $840,000


The Grand Heist: Now that the justice system is all distracted, its time for the heist. First, you and your team will go to 3 random gas stations throughout the city, and rob them. 1 will remain in the car as the getaway driver, 1 will be the lookout, and the remaining 2 will rob the gas station. You will receive 3 stars once all 3 are robbed.


Second, you will rob The Fleeca Bank, and Pacific Standard Bank. Same roles apply as before. You will receive 4 stars after this.


Last, its time to steal the FIBs hardware, and sell that for even more money. 2 will go in the building, and 2 will remain outside, and prevent everyone else from entering. Once the hardware is stolen, you will receive 5 stars. Unfortunately, the justice system has caught back up to you, and theyve taken your car. Luckily, the Z90 from before is still fine, so steal the Dinka Shadows that are nearby, and make your way to the beach where the Z90 is sitting. While flying, you need to avoid oncoming missile strikes from not only some new naval ships, but oncoming Lazers from the Air Force. Once youve escaped, your group will be paid $2,000,000





When you complete The Grand Heist, off the radar, and cops turn blind eye will be free


Contacts are now able to be deleted


You can save up to 25 outfits now


Regular vehicles can now be called through the interaction menu


Various bugs/glitches are fixed




Edited by BigBoyOwnsAVagner
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This fits better in the wishlist thread - the only real substance and thought to this apart from the vehicle/weapon lists is a heist, and there isn't really any formatting either. If you're pumping these out every few days it's a good sign that they fit better in the wishlist thread :santa:




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