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Design your own VI Mission

Recommended Posts


No GTA is good without some fun missions right? Well since we no zero about the next game I figure it might be entertaining to design your own story mission you think would be fun to play, give feed back, etc. You can be as descriptive or non-descriptive as you want around the "why" aspect of the mission, so long as you're descriptive enough in the gameplay aspect. I'll start...


By the way...

Your budy is currently on trail for a crime he "didn't commit", however one juror does not see it that way. It's your job to convince the juror otherwise.


The juror catches a DrivAhh (the latest ride sharing app that gives you the opportunity to catch a lift home in your friendly drug dealer's, sex offender's or armed robber's personal car). Your contact will send you a link to download the app, and once done you must find a suitable two door car (so almost any non-emergency/ disutrial car) that's obviously not wrecked. After doing a tutorial drive with another passenger you'll be notified of a passenger at the courthouse... This is your man.


Once you've picked up the juror it's time to worl your powers of persuasion... Otherwise known as driving at breakneck speeds and performing dangerous manuevers whilst not stopping or slowing enough for him to jump ship. Eventually your prisoner will attempt to call the cops, giving you a two star wanted level, but when has that ever stopped you in GTA?


After scaring the juror enough for him to sobbing and sh*tting his pants it's time to take him home. Dropping him back home, the protagonist assures him that since the app gave him the jurors adress, anything other than a not guilty verdict tomorrow will have him back there with a Molotov in hand.


Mission Passed +$300

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Tao Cheng

Franklin gets mad that his meal at Cluckin Bell taste like MSG. Goes after the meat processing factory where their chicken is made and shoots every Chinaman working on site.

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How can we conceptually design a mission around a game we know next to nothing about?

Edited by RetroMystic

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Ricardo "Ricky" Navarro is hired by the friendly neighborhood drug dealer Alfonso Mendez to steal a large shipment of pure cocaine from a connected rival drug operation, so Navarro steals a truck loaded with the stuff and he receives his payment of $1000.


He is not happy that Alfonso ripped him off, as the potential sale of the drugs would have exceeded $2 million for the right buyer, so he kills Alfonso, takes the drugs and sells them for $2 million, then starts a business selling "hot dogs" and "ice cream" to his customers.

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Rather than creating a mission, let me share some more general ideas.


- We need more freedom in how we complete missions. For instance, killing Michael or Trevor always ended in a big action set piece. Why is that? Why not let the player call them up, hang out and wait for an opportunity to kill them when their guard is down? Wouldn't that be more unnerving than a big firefight? When we have to kill a contact, the player can go through the motions of being their friend right before their pull the trigger - rather than getting into a fight every single time.


- And on that note, why do heists always devolve into firefights? I can't tell you how annoying I found heists in V when even the subtle approach resulted in boring gunfight sections, seemingly just for the sake of it. I was bored. I wanted to pull them off without anyone noticing, but instead it always felt so scripted, rather than rewarding the player with an easier mission for more careful planning.


- I think telephone missions should be utilised as much as they were in Grand Theft Auto III. Using them to do odd jobs for gangs who don't feature in the main storyline is a brilliant idea. And would be especially exciting if we eventually got to hunt down one of these contacts. For instance, what's stopping them bringing back 2D era characters like King Courtney or El Burro again? I like the idea of them returning, and to do so in the way they did back in 2001 would be a great callback.


- Most importantly, I have always felt that console fans should be given some kind of level creator, so we can create our own mission strands and share them online.

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Someone asks the player to steal a car, you go there and steal the car. Mission passed, $100.

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You go to a payphone, some homosexual mexican dude who also appeared in GTA 1 tells you to do a race


you race, you win, but after you win, you keep seeing that same mission appear


oh wait....



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