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The GTA San Andreas Myth's Topic.

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Welcome to the:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Myth's Topic

What is this Topic about?

It's is about the myths in legends in the 2004's game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

100% necessary part of the introduction.

Is there any rules about, "Mythfinding"?

Obviously yes.


1: No mods, or edition allowed in any investigation.

1.1: If someone notice a modded/edited creature or texture, you will become a Proof Faker.

1.2: Proof Fakers shall not be belived.

1.3: But, if a Proof Faker send a real Proof, he can maybe leaves the Proof Faker List.

2: Don't say than someone screenshot or video is fake without a reason.

The Rules may be changed.

Can i help the topic in something?

Yes, if you have a real proof about a myth, for example, the Woods Creature.

You can post it on your topic, so, other member can see if it is fake or not, if, your proof is a edition, or a mod, you will be classified as a Proof Faker, and, you proof's will be all discarded from the beginning.


If you don't fake your proof, and if, it makes the myth: Possible or Up.

You will get a place on the Mythfinders List.


ElMattineu (Topic's Creator)



The "Myth Score":

The "Myth Score" is a meter, who says, if the Myth is a Lie, or if it is Truth.

A Myth, can get, one of the 6 "ratings"


False Myths, are Myths without real proofs, or any proof, they can be also some illogical myths, they have 0% - 25% chance to be true.
Examples: Bigfoot, Samara, Herobrine, etc...

yeah, some six years olds, thinks that herobrine is in gta sa.


Unlikely Myths, are myths without any real proof, or only have false ones, but, they can maybe be true, they have 25% - 45% chance to be true.

Examples: Psycho, Cane Killer, etc...


Plausible Myths, are in the top of the wall, if you don't got me, they have 45% - 55% chance of being true.

Examples: Ghost Drivers, etc...

whoa, what a lack of examples.


Likely myths, have a high change to being real sh*t, they have some high evidences, but not enough to be True Myths, they have 55%-75% chance of being true.

Examples: The Woods Creature, etc...


True myths, are real! Why? Because they are real, they have the proof enough to be Real! They have 75% - 100% change of being true (duh).

Examples: Aggressive Drivers, UFO'S, etc...


Unknown myths without any proof, real proof or fake proof. They need to be investigated.

Myth List:


The Bigfoot is a Classic. A Classic LIE

Real proofs:

+ Bigfoot Footprints +10

Counter proofs:

- There is no Bigfoot model in the Game - 80

- Rockstar said, that there is NO Bigfoot in the game -40

Result: 0% Real, The myth is: FALSE

The Woods Creature

The Woods Creature is a kinda of "new" myth. it have some proofs, and it can be maybe real.

Real proofs:

+ The Youtuber: "Mythstery", found in 27/01/2017 may be a proof than it is true. +80

Counter proofs:

- It can may be just a bugged NPC. -15

- Only him founded the creature. - 10

Result: 55% Real, the myth is LIKELY

Aggressive Drivers

Present in all GTA'S since GTA III, but, is it true?

Real proofs:

They are NPC's who drive as a normal bad player, and, it is possible to almost everyone who played GTA SA had seen then. +100

kinda of a bad "proof", but they really exist, they are coded, n' stuff.

Result: 100% Real, the myth is TRUE


Classic. But, what are those dots, anyway?

Real Proofs:

Their archives names are called: ufolights. +80

Even that they can be planes, why would they don't be UFO'S too? +20

Counter Proofs:

Yes, but they can just be planes. -20

More myths will be added in the future.

I don't have any affiliation with GTA Myths Wiki, or something like that.

Edited by ElMattineu

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