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Rework of Marek Akoljans S600 W220

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Hello all.

You might wonder why I started something else although my Chrysler is'nt finished. I found out that working on one and the same project annoys me. I am currently mentally blocked when I am touching the Chrysler LHS. I need something to make my mind free.


I am using a very old W220 mod. It lacks detail, especially in interior, otherwise it's fine. Now I found a SA convert of Dimitri Dolmats GTA IV W220 model, done by Marek Akoljan.

I removed the russian plates and replaced it with a SA one (first time I try this) and want to add damage parts.


First question:
The bumpers are seperate objects, but have no dummies. So - if I create a bump_front_dam object, it means that it can be deformed but won't fall off - right?

So - I can add dummies later if I want the parts to fall off - again right?


Now a first screen to show you the car itself. Russian front plate is removed to make it fit better into the atmosphere of the game.





The interior is much better than in the old mod, that's why I decided to take it. It's very dark. Do you think it would be a good idea to turn the black into some kind of anthracite?





Now about the bad part. I messed up the material of the plates. This can happen as I am still a beginner. I'll fix that in the next days if I have the time for it. I already see where the mistake is. You'll also see it when you open the spoiler. No big deal until now.

But .. the lights. They are very bad and I have no clue how to fix it. Has anybody experience to do it as proper IVF and is willing to help me after finishing damage and plate?





So.. I hope you like this. Now a last question: The readme file says nothing about editing and publishing. I am not sure how to handle it the best way. I would assume that there is nothing written, it's ok to modify the car if the original autor is always named. Is that right and goes well with the etiquettes?

Edited by CT1612

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Now I continued working on the car.


SA plate has been done meanwhile - this time in a correct way.

Damage parts have been modeled, but I needed to add front and rear bumper dummies. I did so, but obviously wrong.

I even aligned the axis to the chassis dummy. Does anybody know what went wrong?



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