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Midknight Marauders


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Recently, San Andreas has been overrun by try-hard MC Crews that focus more on riding their bikes in a single file line than actually taking over San Andreas. Are you looking for more than a MC? Are you looking to join forces with a gang that's focused on getting rich or die trying? Midknight Marauders might be the crew for you.






We're a gang that was founded in Broker and South Los Santos. Don't let the number of our crew fool you... After shaving off dead weight, and focusing on quality over quantity, we've managed to create a close knit organization. With the motivation to get rich or die trying, we've accumulated a stronghold over the entire state of San Andreas. We partake in real estate all across the state; from South Los Santos to Paleto Bay. We also smuggle guns to whoever offers to highest bid. We have a solid MC component that funnels meth, coke, marijuana, counterfeit money and IDs to our clientele throughout the state. Lastly, we own several fortune 500 CEO businesses throughout the city of Los Santos to wash our dirty money.






There's no exact uniform look to our gang. Depending on how your character looks, we'll work with you to figure out the perfect location to hold down in the city of Los Santos or other regions in the state. However, we're looking for more South & East Los Santos styled members Latino and Black characters and/or players. We have characters that hail from Broker, Grove Street, Vespucci, and even Paleto Bay. There's room for everyone to be written into our crew's storyline!







After going from a crew with more than 50 members to less than 10 solid members, our goal is to keep the quality of our crew high. We help each other out while enjoying the game. Most of us are 25+, and we'd like to keep it that way. We're looking for adult gamers that have a life outside of GTA. Our motive isn't to put forth unrealistic rules or stipulations that take the fun out of the game. We get money, we have fun, and we take advantage of everything GTA has to offer. We do CEO work, MC work, Gunrunning work, heists, death matches, crew meets, car meets, races, etc.







- New candidates must be at least 16 years of age.

- A mic is not required, but it's helpful in order to get to know us (we normally have crew chats going).

- We're not looking for try-hards that are interested in a strict crew; just take the game serious when we're making money or doing missions!



We're all adults in this crew that work full-time jobs, have families, in school full-time, etc. Most of our activity is during the weekend, but we do get on during the weekday as well. If you believe this crew fits your style, drop a line or two explaining why this crew fits you and why you would fit in well with the crew!







Social Club

Crew Leader's PSN: UZI-UNDZ

Edited by UNDZTD
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Why does this Crew Name make me think of A Tribe Called Quest?

The crew is based on ATCQ.

Edited by UNDZTD
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  • 1 month later...

Were still looking for solid, laid back gamers.



We have two chapters to our crew. The Midknight Marauders is a 21+ chapter. However, we now have the Young Marauders for solid gamers between the ages of 16-20.

Edited by UNDZTD
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We'll be closing off our crew to outsiders soon. If you're a mature adult gamer that's looking for a small, close-knit crew, now's your chance to join.



If you're a mature young adult gamer (between the ages of 16-20), our Young Marauders squad is still open for a limited time.

Edited by UNDZTD
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