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Best Usernames and Meaning Behind Yours

The Time Ranger

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Just wondering what are everyones favorite usernames here, ones that you think sounds cool, and why did you choose your particular username. I choose mine because I like neon colours, the dreaming part because I thought it had a nice ring to it when added on.


Usernames here which I think sound cool are as follows.


Algonquin Assassin

ghost of delete key


Leftist Bastard


Arrows to Athens


There are others but those are the cool usernames which come to mind at the moment.

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I think Voodoo said in an interview that his username was from a donut shop's name. Either that or he has dolls representing every single one of us, so he pokes whoever he feels like.


E: Stop poking my doll, Voodoo! This sh*t hurts!

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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I was randomly checking out rap songs on youtube and came across this:




I don't even like that song but the username wasn't taken and it sounded kinda cool so yeah.

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It is a combination of names and references to both the Twilight Rune in Suikoden V and its final rune spell Vermilion Sky.

Edited by Twilight Sky
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A few of my favorites are MyMothersMySister, SIP YEK NOD, Mxyzptlk, outcest, SaltyGTAFModerators... FookinRaavi'd was p good, too. I'm sure there are plenty more I can't think of right now.

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Voodoo's aside (plz no ban), I do like sivispacem's (para bellum) username. Kinda fits his personality too.


And my username started as 'DougR', but it was taken in G4WL, so I tried 'DOUGLAS', but taken, so I gave up and replaced the A with a 4. The 1 is because I'd always forget another forum's password, so I made my username into 8 characters with numbers and letters so I'd never forget it.


And no, my GTAF password isn't DOUGL4S1 anymore.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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Arrows to Athens is a rock project band composed of guitarist/singer David Hodges, who is the former member of the rock band Evanescence, and guitarist Steven Miller.


I discovered Arrows to Athens in June 2016 with their song ''Dust & Gold'', which also happens to be their most popular song. It played automatically after listening to some Falling Up. From there, I began listening to their other tracks, and I became a fan. These days, I don't find myself listening to them anymore.


So, the reason why I named myself after them is because their music is awesome, and the name ''Arrows to Athens'' sounds interesting and cool.

Edited by Arrows to Athens
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And no, my GTAF password isn't DOUGL4S1 anymore.




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For my nickname credits goes to mama and papa for experimenting with my name and me for lack of creativity.

The most notable nickname i've seen was made by my friend - BigAnus127.

Edited by Sanches
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Meaning behind my current username (GTA-Biker) is that I obviously like GTA games and I'm a biker both in real life and in GTA,I have a motorcycle in real life and I often use them in GTA.

My old username was Leopard Gecko,which is a species of lizard,because I have two of them as pets.

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Opponents in DoomII started calling me that back in the 90's and I've been using it ever since.


It also applies to me taking dirt naps in the desert, so I put it on the back of my trailer in 12" tall letters.

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Might as well do a break down of all my usernames.


MiamiViceCity: This was the first username I ever had when I started out in the GTA community. I just took Miami Vice and combined it with Vice City and thought it sounded cool.


SonOfLiberty: Some may think of it as me being a huge Metal Gear Soild fan, but it was more to do with my increasing GTA IV fanboy status and it was something I thought reflected it well.


PulpFiction: As much as I love the movie not long after I made it I wish I hadn't.


TheOtherRyan: Yeah. This one is definitely my least favourite looking back. I couldn't take Ryan so I wanted a username that reflected my real name, but it's just so cringey lol.


Algonquin Assassin: At first I was going to use Liberty City Assassin, but it just didn't sound as punchy so that's why I went for Algonquin Assassin which has a much better ring to it.

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Just wondering what are everyones favorite usernames here

I know I've seen some good usernames on here in the past, but I can't remember most of them right now. Tommy Dickfingers is a pretty good recent addition, though.


why did you choose your particular username

My username was originally WinkingSkeever6, but I shortened it to Skeever a few years ago. I based it off that one bar in Skyrim.


Even though "Covfefe" is tempting, I don't see myself changing it again any time soon.

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It's when you're tripping your balls off on shrooms. Also the name of an El-P song but more the former.

Edited by Lazerface
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My favourite username is Murdick, as everytime the dude posts, it always takes me back to the scenario that led him to adopt that name.


My username stems from people constantly asking me how to pronounce my previous name, so I went with something even more difficult to pronounce.

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