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The Half-Blood Prince

MOTW #94


18 members have voted

  1. 1. Which mission is the best?

    • Rebirth
    • Engine Wars
    • Brian Johnson
    • Climbing Mount Chiliad
    • Storming the Farm

Recommended Posts


Congrats xghostx, I hope your theme will be challenging.

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Skadryl can not vote due to rules, BTW.

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-Account must be at least 4 weeks old and has 20 posts made to be able to vote

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(Climbing Mount Chilliad): Your mission in the beginning was sounds emotional, I liked your grammar "The next stop will come soon girl! Good luck in climbing the mount hahaha!" or "You won't make it alive kid!" I became exited when reading the intro dialogues so, introduction was fabulous. After that, when climbing the mountain the object placements and the atmosphere scenes stimulated me! I liked all placements but some ones were hard to climb or I should say impossible to climb but all things were perfect, also some times I get stock in reaching some checkpoints they all were awesome but some tinny ones were annoying, just small ones and the rest was well-made. The most exiting things in your missions is the instigation about how's the ending. I mean climbing and asking for an aid and hearing somebodies saying weird things and then you see a strange and boom he vanish! This means your style in designing is thriller and though dialogues and conversations are amazing and exciting they have funs, exciting motions, dramatic scenes, and etc this what make it thriller! And about running off your or that bizarre girl and taking shots those scenes excited me more and more and more! That was thousand percent fabulous for me! I enjoyed it! So in the end when your on the crane facing your half-life hallucination or whatever was she, it was awesome when you step up energetic and fight your fears and push off that girl from you and start reaching the relief that scenes were the best ones in the whole mission, and in the end when standing and watching the sky that was excellent. I fretted cause the game ended I really liked it really really liked it! So, your mission is perfect! :^:



Thank you very much, this is one of the best feedback I've seen for a single mission. :lol:

There are still bugs and mistakes I made along the way as you have noticed, it's because I didn't have enough time to fix since I only had 1 day to design.



I don't have time to give feedback all but next time I will review all missions. ^^~

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Alex Magana

Shame that I had said 'no' to the new system. That kind of voting system was fair to everybody because we had to provide a specific reason, not like "oh! I've not played any mission, let's just vote for a senior designer". No offence Ghost and senior designers, I was just giving an example, not talking about you particularly. So, all I want to say is that please provide a written rating to all of us, which I think is fair than this one.

I totally agree with your statement, it's a shame indeed and for me it looks like a game behind all this "unfair" votes. I always loved to participated in MOTW but i always afraid that this kind of invalid votes will take place.


I would like to ask for the voters the reasons they voted xGhost's rather than the other's participant missions.

- What was the actual reasons why other missions werent great.

- Good luck to participants!

No votes doesn't mean they aren't great.


But yeah I now like the other voting system better since you can actually get feedback on your missions. Only feedback I got was Danz's :cry:


Actually If every MOTW creator follow the whole new voting system, it would be more legit than random voting for a mission.

Edited by Alex Magana

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Wow there, MOTW is still running kind of though this place was abandon by now.


Might as well make a review of the Missions.

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What thé.....Did Jhan Dave vote for xGhostx Mission?Hé is back!

Edited by TheRyder

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Congratulations xGhostx! I want a challenging theme but not too hard like this one. XD :D

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Mikul: your mission was alright I just didn't enjoy driving that long just to kill some guy than drive back but the rest of the story was promising.


Yasir RFL: never seen a mission that talks about a grudge beetween two brothers, it was a nice showdown, the ending was weird.


Alex: an alright mission I enjoy playing it, I never knew Brian had already known ceasar back in those days 😀


XghostX: now this was nice a mission about climbing mount chiliad, if I tell you guys how many time I got killed following down I almost quit on the mission😂 ending was king of rushed aside from that it was a good mission.


Galactic: I got to hand it to you Galactic, your mission was well done, there where many things to do and it had some unic scenes, I always enjoy a good shoot out, the ending was rushed but I loved that scene, your mission was good.


The mission I enjoyed the most was Galactic's so my vote goes to him.

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Huzaifa khan

Voted to XghostX (Climbing Mount Chillad) It's really a tough mission, but finally done it :D:^:

Edited by Huzaifa khan

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XghostX Mission brings back memories on his great puzzles.


and Galactic had always had those good crime story telling choices


I feel that the others didn't had a chance. because they are both senior dyom designers. It would be nice to give that previous vote choice a few more tries.

but I'll be doing a full review of all the missions next time

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The Half-Blood Prince

With 10 votes, "Climbing Mount Chilliad" is the Winner of MOTW #94.


Congratulations xghostx for winning the contest and for those who send an entry aswell. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who voted, I believe 17 votes is an expressive number compared to the lack of activity we had last year. Thank you for this

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Congrats on your win, XGhostX your mission was indeed impressive.


Thanks to everyone that voted on my Mission, sure hope you'll enjoyed it and thanks for the reviews as well.

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