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gta sa ped pool (help!)

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hey guys i'm fairly new to this sort of stuff, so please bare with me ty.

Now i kind of understand how to deal with pointers and so on, i'm playing around with cheat engine and manage to change the players health using some address i found online.


so to do this i've just plug in the cped(0xB6F5F0) address as a pointer and the offset(0x540) to the players health, which looks something like this in cheat engine 'add address' window:





now reading i've seen there's a pool which contains probably the current amount of spawn peds, i have the address(0xB74490) to the pool information along with an offset(0x0) to the first ped in the pool.


so playing around i've managed to change the first ped in the pool health like this







so my dreaded question to anyone is how do i go about changing the health for the second ped in the pool via cheat engine's 'add address' window.

i will assume it has something to do with the ped structure size, but any help would be appreciated.




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ok guys I've finally managed to get it working


in order to get the next ped health in the pool i did this.


start of pool/first ped = 0xB7CD98

cped size = 7c4

health offset = 540


now in cheat engine's 'add address' window i did this


7c4 * 1 + 540 ----> offset field

0xB7CD98 -----> pointer field


in order to get the other


7c4 * 2 + 540 ----> offset field

0xB7CD98 -----> pointer field


and so on....


i know this is basic stuff that probably 99% of you guys know, but for the 1% i hope this help.

have a great day.

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