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The EZ Guide To The Doomsday Heists And Criminal Mastermind

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Welcome to The EZ Guide to the Doomsday Heists and the Criminal Mastermind challenges, here you will find "ez" methods for each of the Doomsday set ups and heists
Each method will be explained using custom screenshots, gifs, and brief text descriptions. Below you will find some general tips for the Doomsday heists, then each set up and heist in order. To keep things simple the descriptions have been placed in spoiler boxes, simply click to open.
While the Doomsday Heists are tougher than the classic heists, and often rely on brute force rather than tactics, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to keep you a step ahead and help rake in the significant profit to be had.
Each of these strategies are based on two players, with instructions for third and fourth players when needed. If there are no third or fourth players mentioned work in teams of two
Tips for the criminal mastermind can be found at the bottom of the set up, under "Mastermind tip"
As always, please feel free to post any questions, comments or suggestions below, and enjoy!
The guide to the classic heists can be found here
You can find this guide, via the classic guide, by googling "ez heists"
These heists are tougher, and as the heavy vests no longer do anything, they are geared more towards higher level players, level 60 for normal and level 100 for hard
Doomsday Preps
Each setup requires a small mission to be done before hand, called a Prep. These can range from very to quick to quite long, and while they can be bought to skip them this is not recommend as the preps for act 1 alone cost over $400k, the equivalent of a 40% cut in the final. Deaths on preps do not affect the cm challenge and their order does not affect the all in order challenge
These must also be done in a public (but not necessarily populated) session. You will find some tips about preps at the start of each section
Once they are done, take your team to an invite only session and launch the jobs from there (from the single player > press start > online > play gta online > invite only)
The Criminal Mastermind
As before, completing all heists in order, on hard, without dying, with the same team will get you a bonus, but this time it's much more risk, for much less of a reward. Completing it with 2 players gets you a kick in the teeth of £750k, with 3 players an insulting £1.75 mill, and with 4 (the easiest possible option) gets you a still not really worth it, £3.75 mill. Only consider a cm run if you are a top level player with access to the bunker upgrades
The "Minigun Npc" Bug
Remember that time you had full health and armour and yet you were taken out in half a blink of an eye, it's a bug. Connection issues can causes npc's to fire more bullets than they ought to be able to do, resulting in your instant death. On an everyday heist it's a minor annoyance, but on a cm run it's devastating. The only real solution is to stay in cover as much as possible
General Tips


Tools of the Trade: Time for an Upgrade
An armoured vehicle is a must, so invest in a kuruma asap. Certain weaponised vehicles can also be used so a fully armoured Custom Insurgent Pick Up will serve you well. If you own a Vigilante (Batmobile) it too can be useful, but don't buy it for the heists specifically
The Mk2 weapons will also help, the mk2 combat mg, the heavy sniper with a thermal scope, the mk2 pump shotgun with explosive shells, the mk2 heavy revolver with incendiary rounds, the mk2 marksman rifle without a zoom scope, as well as the classic assault shotgun and rpg will all help (if you don't have rpgs then the explosive shotguns will help)
Snacks are back and are more important than body armour
Make sure everyone refills their snacks and armour wherever possible. The easiest way to do this is for the host to invite players to their facility not the setup, so that they can get snacks from the facility assistant too
Leave your menus open
If you are driving, or in cover, you can leave your menus open and have your snacks highlighted, pressing a/x as needed to eat them without the animation taking place. Don't use p and q's while under fire, use them to heal in safety
This is a vital trick to learn. Remember once you use them, they're gone, so use the passive ceo healing when possible
When the going gets tough, the tough stay put
Cover is more important than ever during doomsday heists, even on normal the enemies will have more health and deal more damage. Move cover to cover, use blind fire, cover each other when moving and most important of all don't rush.
Having said that......
Sometimes the best defence is a good offence
Most of the time the idea is to go slow, but on more than a few occasions you will be dealing with respawning enemies, so sometimes speed and aggression are the way to go
Shoot them in the head
The enemies you will face are tougher and deal more damage so take head shots when ever possible
CEO is the way to go
Playing as a CEO, intead of an MC or VIP, will grant your team healing while they are near you. This can be invaluable during tougher jobs, such as Salvage HDD and the act 3 hack
Two's company, three's a crowd, four is right out
Most of the time two players can get things done, more players means more risk of death
You will need a mic
The more you can communicate during the tougher jobs, the easier it will be.


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ACT 1: The Data Breaches


A pretty easy one to kick things off







Use your phone to call an ambulance
The deluxo can be collected with a cargobob, if it's a personal one give that to a team mate and use the pegasus one, can be done solo but not usually in one go, any cars collected carry over if you run out of time
Use to lift to go up and down in the air traffic control tower





Dead Courier
Don't worry, you're only pretending to be a good guy


Holster your weapons, get in the ambulance and head to the objective, just before turning into the coroners office, call your kuruma and park it in front of the steps, even if you're not going to use extra cover doesn't hurt. Get back in the ambulance, park up and go inside, keeping your weapons holstered
Once inside head to the marker and check the bodies, then head upstairs till you see two feds at the top of the stairs, equip an auto shotgun and take them out, move up the stairs, take out the feds in the room in front of you then the feds in an office to your right, shoot through the glass.
Head into the office, download the files, then clear the room to your right and clear the room now on your left, if you don't clear this floor they may chase you down the stairs. Head back the way you came, go slow, use a shotgun, there's no real resistance till you reach the ground floor. Once on the ground floor, take cover and shoot the last few guards then head outside.
As soon as you exit you will have a brief window where the outside is completely clear, so get in your car and go. If you've hit a check point, your car will be gone, so deal with any cops quickly and get in the ambulance or fed/cop car or wait for the chopper. Drive to a suitable pick up location for the pilot, get in the chopper and you're done
The location may change, but the strategy remains the same. Take a kuruma and follow the chopper to the landing site. Clear the guards however you wish, from a vehicle, from cover, from range, then grab the intel, take the chopper and head to the objective
Wait for paramedic to come out, dealing with any cops, but avoiding the paramedics car (you can also call your vehicle if needed)
The area around the building is tight for the savage, you can land on the left or directly in front if you're confident you can extract under fire, but the best option is for the paramedic to drive to a more open area, the casino car park or the ls river work well
Collect the paramedic, lose the cops, land, and you're done


Signal Intercepts
Where we're going, we still need roads


Take the Deluxos and head for a truck. The trick to dealing with the trucks is simple, approach from round a bend and pull up alongside, slamming into the van, Press the dpad to start the hack, close the phone, open your snack/armour menu and stay alongside to complete the hack, then drop back and destroy the truck. While this may seem tricky at first with practice it's easy. See plan b/mastermind tip for a safer, longer, option
Once the trucks are dealt with head to water to deal with the boats, make sure you can switch on hover mode before going near the water, and head out to the boats. If the boats are close together hang back till they separate, then move in. The same method works here too, start the hack, close the phone, open snacks (if needed) only this time stay at a distance, and on the left of the boats to minimise damage.
When the boats are done head to the airport. If you are on the west side there are plenty of places to come ashore, but if you are on the east try using this area near the airport to get back on dry land
Regroup at the airport, have one person chase the plane to complete the hack while another one hangs back checking behind them to deal with attack choppers, you will see them on screen long before the radar, when they spawn, turn on them and use missiles, they pose no real threat. Complete the hack, take out the plane, the timer will stop and you can head to the drop
Plan B/Mastermind tip
Despite the timer it's easy to get this done with a single Deluxo, one driving, one shooting. This allows the passenger to use a pistol to take out van drivers and/or gunners. Sometimes taking out the driver will cause the gunner to get out and attack but it's easily dealt with
The same thing works with the boats although the ap pistol should be avoided as it will destroy the boats. As for plane follow up close and turn back when needed to deal with the choppers. Any unused Deluxos have to be taken to the drop to complete the mission


Server Farm
With a Swat team, and a Swat team there


Land the chopper, head down the ladder (carefully) and use suppressed weapons to clear the guards and cameras. No real difficulty, yet, a single player can handle it with ease. Kill the supervisor, grab the key, and head inside
Once inside try to remain undetected for as long as possible. Keep a close eye on the radar, move between, not through the servers, wait for the guards to pass, then shoot them quietly, there will also be a stationary guard near each hack, shoot them quietly too, then start
The hack is very simple, it's trail and error, a process of elimination. Start by making two crosses, so 1b, 2a, 3d, 4c, then test. From here connect any remaining nodes and move on to the next. Try making two crosses again only this time bigger, so it's 1d,2c,3b,4a, then test, using these two methods first will usually give you at least two completed, allowing you to easily find the other two
Once the hacks are done the sirens go off and the swat team arrives, so it's time to leave! Make your way back to the central staircase where you came in. keeping an eye out for cops.
Take cover near the stairs and clear any cops, there will be some on the walkway leading to the lift and more coming down the stairs. Once they've been dealt with, head to the stairs and move up slowly, ready to deal with any stragglers, take a moment to cover anyone left on the ground, then get in the (bullet proof) lift
The moment you get outside you'll be under fire from swat cops, deal with any in front of you, then the choppers. There is good, not great cover on your left. Wait here, take out the choppers, then any cops, and cover this area while the other player moves up behind the sign. When you run out of targets move up and take cover behind the sign
With one player covering your back and as soon as you've created some breathing room, move up, take out the small team approaching from the left, and take cover behind the sign. From here start to thin out the cops.
When you're confident you can make it, head for the objective. If things get too dangerous you can take cover behind the wall, between the benches. Ignore the marked ladder instead run round the corner and climb up the grey box, take out any remaining choppers and head for the roof, you can also provide support to anyone still on the ground from relative safety. Again, take out any choppers, get in the Akula, hit the stealth button and get gone!
Mastermind tip
Communication and coordination are vital here. Once a, b, and c, have been hacked, regroup and either take good positions near the exit or move as a team to and from d. Walk along the outer walls to reduce surprises. Decide ahead of time who will do what when you get outside, someone to take out the team from the left, someone to take out choppers, someone to cover the rest while they get behind the sign
Take longer than you normally would to clear the cops and send one person up the ladder first to cover the rest. The Akula can be landed behind the sign but it's tail rotor is lethal


The Data Breaches
The bad news is the pot luck is cancelled


No silver bullet here, just patience and team work. there are 3 different sections
Take a moment to sort your weapons out, then get in an armoured vehicle, head to the objective and clear the handful of targets outside. Once inside, have your highest level player take the lead. Stop at the desk to clear the targets, then climb over and take cover against the wall, have the lead player clear the next few targets (blind firing with a shotgun works well) while the others wait safely next to them.
Once its safe to do so move up to the small green boxes, so the next player can take your previous position, clear the targets around the desk, then move up to the desk and take cover together.
From here take out any targets, and try to get the ones outside the glass, these are the real threat as they can easily catch you out later if not put down now. The thermal scope helps here
When it's clear have the lead player move up to the next room, taking cover by the grey pillars, to trigger the next wave, while the rear player stays put behind the desk. With one person close, with a shotgun, and the other attacking from range, with an assault rifle, they don't pose any real danger. Well placed explosives are good for clearing any stubborn targets
Once this area is clear, on both sides of the glass, have the lead player move into the corridor, while the rear player takes cover near the sign. As the lead player use free aim and pin your back to the wall, taking cover by the green boxes will open you up to fire from outside so avoid it.Targets will come from the far end and from either side of the glass but the rear player can deal with them
Once clear, head to the marked door, switch to an auto shotgun, and use free aim to clear the next section
Make your way down the stairs, together, taking out any targets till you reach the double doors, blast them open, take out the target in the room on the other side, and in the room next door to that, then turn your guns to the left and take out any approaching targets. Shoot through the small window in the door and don't worry about cover, sheer volume of fire will keep you alive
When mostly clear, enter the corridor to deal with any remaining targets, blast open the doors at the end of the corridor to make sure that room is clear, take out the target now in the room on your right and move to the bottom floor
After reaching the bottom floor there will be a large room at the end of a corridor, filled with targets, do not go in there! Instead use free aim, zoom in and edge around the wall to kill targets. Take positions around the door and behind the desk, avoiding the central area in front of the door. Bouncing grenade rounds works too, once there are only a couple left head in and take them out
Turn around, equip a shotgun, sometimes there are a couple of targets left, head back up stairs to the control room. Use a turret to clear up outside and you're done
Mastermind Tip
The biggest threat here is the instant kill/ "minigun npc" bug, so use cover and blind fire where ever possible, use your own judgement with explosives



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ACT 2: The Bogdan Problem


Act 2 contains some of the toughest setups, but also some of the easiest. With the right tools, namely a thermal scope and a custom insurgent pick up, things go a lot smoother







All the preps can be done solo, but 2 people will help get both the stromberg preps done


The apc/deluxo/stromberg can be useful during the torpedo prep, use them to go from air transport to the raft and back


Call Lester if you get a wanted level driving the RCV/Riot van







Slow is smooth, smooth is fast





As soon as you get inside the hangar sprint to the orange fuel truck on the left, take cover, wait for the lights to go out and flick on the night vision
Use the tanker as cover and take out the surrounding guards with an assault rifle/mg, make sure to get the one on the rear stairs. Once the nearby guards are down, switch to the mk2 sniper with the thermal scope, incendiary rounds help too, allowing for high damage/kill shots to be taken through narrow gaps,
Move to the other side of the tanker and start taking out targets on all levels. Be sure to clear the top level, near the door, and the office area on the right side first
The thermal scope is the silver bullet here, allowing you to not only take out guards at range with relative impunity, but also highlight guards behind doors, walls, and floors. Start with the scope zoomed out and look for heat signatures, zoom in, and take them out, repeat. The bright orange areas show exposed targets (mostly) where as the darker parts are in cover. If you don't have at least one thermal scope in your team, use lock on, ordinary rifles, or incendiary rounds, and consider moving across the floor and up the large ladder in the back corner to get a shot, there will be very little cover up there so be ready
Once you start running low on targets, move up to the office, clear any targets, then move slowly up, then back down, the stairs behind the office to trigger the second wave. Take cover behind the office and repeat the process, take out any you can with lock on, then thermal scope, then rpgs. A well placed rpg on the outside of cover will also kill those behind it.
When there are no targets left that you can hit, move up slowly to the third floor and put down any remaining guards with assault rifles. Head to the breakers, flip the switches, then take the avenger. Don't worry too much about flying low it's easy enough to gain or lose altitude quickly


Rescue ULP
We're a rescue squad, not assassins.....for now anyway


Take your upgraded custom insurgent pick up and head to the foundry, clear out the hand full of guards, and drive through, then over, the barricades. Turn the vehicle sideways for cover, and leave the lookout in the gunner seat. Be careful not to block the door from opening outwards, but it can still be shot inwards anyway
If you have four players (if you have three put two on the entry team) the second lookout can take cover further back, or behind the vehicle, ready to deal with the buzzards as they approach, or any guards on foot that approach from behind.
Point the gun outwards, open your menu, and take out anything and everything that you can. The buzzards are the real threat here, take them out as soon as you can, parking in the place shown will make it harder for them to hit you with a missile, but not impossible. If things get dangerous, close your menu and press the dpad to duck down inside.
Don't forget to change your vehicle access to everyone!
If you don't have the upgraded custom pick you can take cover on foot further back, or go to the water tower, but you don't have to. The most important thing is to keep enemies from entering the marked door, and let the entry team know if they do. Remember you will need a five seat car/two vehicles for the extraction, there will be an enemy insurgent parked near the water tower after ULP is out
Entry team
This can be a tough fight, but with the right plan it's pretty straight forward. Take cover just inside the office door, or behind the grey lockers, and start taking out guards. Deal with any that are close to you, then the ones on the right, auto shotguns are great here. If you can try to get the ones in the center, then move up and take cover inside the door to deal with any remaining on the second floor. Remember a well placed rpg will kill those in cover.
A second player on the entry team can follow the first, but is better off entering through the opposite door and clearing the troublesome guards near the sandbags, then regrouping when the first player exits the office
Once it's clear move up, following the left wall, equip an auto shotgun, and take out the guards, one behind the sandbags and one (or two) on the stairs. Head up the stairs in free aim, deal with the guards that will spawn, take cover by the large grey wall to eliminate the guard behind the sandbags. Move up, take out the guard near the bottom of the stairs and then move up to the top floor.
Deal with the two guards that will run at you (if they don't it could be glitched and need a full restart) and any that might now be on the ground floor, then shoot the guard holding ULP, (its fine to use the shotgun) walk nearer to him to make sure he follows, then head back the way you came.
As soon as you exit there will be a guard coming up the stairs, take him out, then from the third floor you can pick off any guards on the ground/stairs, head down the stairs, take out the guard on your right, and head back the way you came.
Make your way out, the same way you came in, and back into your insurgent (again, if you don't have the insurgent, take a night shark, head over to the water tower and take theirs)
Once every one is in, reverse the insurgent, pick up a bit of speed to clear the barricades and head out. You can follow the route, or you can take the nearby train tracks to reduce pursuers
Mastermind Tip
No real shortcuts here, but a second man on the entry team gives you a few options. Stay together till ULP is collected then from there you can fight your way out together, or they can provide cover from the top floor, or drop trough the gap in the railing on the top floor down to the second to provide support. You can lay sticky bombs around the second/ground floor but you do so at your own risk


Salvage Hard Drives
Some men just want to watch the world burn....but not today


This is a very tough setup that makes trash trucks look like a walk in the park (which, for the record, it is, when done right) but there is a way to reduce the difficulty, communication and coordination are vital too
It's all about where you sit and where you park. The collector should sit behind the driver, and the driver should manoeuvre in such a way that there is an empty seat between you and any attackers to get the most benefit from the RCV armour. You only need one driver and one collector, so third and fourth players are better off acting as body guards for the collector, providing support on foot. It all depends on your level, yes, more players in the RCV can take out more guards, but you're also at greater risk for a minimal reward
Don't worry about the timer, there is a checkpoint after each of the four pick ups, and don't worry about the night sharks pursuing you, just try to keep your foot down and take off road sections where possible. The hose can be used to knock down guards and will kill them with sustained use, but it's a stop gap, not a solution. If you're not driving you should be shooting as much as possible, it's your responsibility to clear the guards before you get out or before you start collecting. You can also leave your menu open once you begin collecting, but if the driver is on the ball this won't be necessary
Remember to leave your menus open!
The first pick up is lightly guarded, avoid the front gate, and head off road to aviod the roadblock when leaving
The second is pretty simple too, head straight in and drive through the tunnel to the rear burning van, A, put it out, clear the guards, then as it's being collected turn around and drive back through the tunnel
As the collector you can follow the truck, using it as cover, or jump the fence and make your way round.
As the driver put out the next two vans, B/C, then position yourself to protect the collector (and yourself) from guards coming through the front gate in a vehicle, X, a swift rpg will destroy it. Head out and take the train tracks to reduce pursuers
The third is where things get difficult
Once the night sharks are no longer pursing, make sure the collector is behind the driver, and head in under the water tower, turn right and drive between the skip and the rusted out car, and park up next to A. From here you can put out A and D, while the collector clears the surrounding guards from the van, then thins out the larger group in the center of the car park on foot, the more you can get the better, keep using the van as mobile cover, you can also try to clear some of the guards near B/C using the rear of the truck as cover. Collect A then move forward to collect D.
Regroup and drive out, turn right and right again into the narrow alley, head for B, park at an angle, put out B (and C if possible) clear the surrounding guards and collect B. Ideally you should drive further down then reverse between the rusted out bus and C, but that's not vital, put it out, collect it and drive out fast!
Lower levels may also want to consider breaking through the wire fence to put out C, reversing, then edging out to get B
Another option is to push C into a better position, then pull up alongside to collect it
The fourth (and final) pick up is difficult, but using the same tactic, it's not too bad
By now, especially if you used a check point, time will be running out, so drive through first putting out all the fires to stop the clock. Drive through the road block and head straight for B, turn to the right, put out B then drive forward to put out A. If you're confident you can get it done, grab them both too, but it's not vital. Reverse through or drive round the building and between the trailer to put out C. Reverse and stick close to the truck trailer to put out D. Head for E, turn around and put it out to stop the clock.
When the fires are out start collecting using the same positions and the RCV as moving cover
Third and fourth Players
With three take one driver and two collectors. Ultimately this depends on your level and personal choice, you can sit in the RCV to provide extra fire power, but at greater risk of death. The first two pick ups don't really pose a threat, but the third certainly does. Getting out under the water tower, then heading to an elevated position can help, but only do so if you are confident you can survive, the RCV will be the enemies main, but not sole, focus of enemy fire. The real threat during the third pick up are the guards in the center of the car park and on the roof, so any reduction in their numbers will help. As for the fourth collection, get everyone in to put out the fires, then from E, you can use the cover opposite, but it's of limited use
Climbing up near A during the third pick up can be useful, make sure the two guards on the roof are distracted, then climb up, and put them down, they do not respawn. You can also drop down the front and land on the big dumpster without losing health
Mastermind tip
Not real shortcuts here, leave your menus open and use every minute. The third pick up is the real tough part, so either get everyone in and go fast or take your time and try to reduce resistance as much as possible. Get the fires put out then have third and fourth provide support from surrounding rooftops


Submarine Recon
Even level 007 could do this


Chase down the convoy and blow it up, don't worry about the choppers they aren't part of the objective and you will be moving too fast for them to be a threat. If you are attacking from the north drive well past the convoy then turn to stay safe from the choppers
Head underwater and start taking out mines, if you can't find a mine, move on to the next, it will bring you round again. Scan the sub/werckage, if you are having trouble use the rudders to rotate on the spot


The Bogdan Problem
And you thought Series A was easy


Take off and head out to the marker, keep the rotors upright if you prefer, it's not far. Engage autopilot from the quick menu, and man the turrets. The choppers pose very little threat and can be taken out at range. You don't even have to turn the turrets back and fourth, just point each of them in the right direction and switch between them.
Wait for the sub team to exit, then fly to the shore, the small peninsula north of the sub is ideal, avoid the small group of hostiles, and land with the rear facing the water. If there are choppers left switch back to the turrets, or get out, and cover the sub team. As soon as they're in get some height, tilt the rotors, and head to the drop off
Sub Team
As soon as you enter the sub, equip an auto shotgun and start taking out guards. Move in free aim to keep your speed down, take cover if/when needed. It's a small level of narrow corridors, keep an eye on the radar so you're ready for any guards running towards you. Remember you can take out guards through floors too, although this isn't strictly needed.
Once inside move through first room, into the red corridor, then the control room, clearing as you go. Exit the control room, go down the stairs and turn left into the sleeping quarters, then through the galley and down the next set of stairs Head into the room on the right, with the engine block in it, then through to the source, in a cell on your left. Then retrace your steps back to the control room
When you're in the water, check your map and head to the shore/avenger, don't get close to the surface till the avenger is on the ground and be prepared to take out choppers if needed, they pose any real danger. Get in and man the turrets
The easiest money you will ever make


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ACT 3: The Doomsday Scenario - Set ups


This is it, the big one. Time to get paid.....and save the world too, I guess


All the difficulty in this heist comes at the beginning and at the end, with the first set up and the final being the only real challenge, everything in between is very easy when done right. If you have low level friends this is a great way to get them an easy £200k


A Brief Word About Juggernauts


During the first set up and final heist you will encounter juggernauts, they're big, armoured, carrying a minigun and can deal a huge amount of damage, but they are far from invincible. The key tactic to employ turning them, one player draws their fire, the other puts them down. If you're drawing fire be sure you are in good cover and not near the edge as their miniguns are (hopefully) bugged.


If you're putting them down a number of things work well, sticky bombs, rpgs, miniguns, explosive shotgun shells , explosive sniper rounds, incendiary rounds, grenade launcher rounds (can be bounced round corners) and good old fashioned bullets to the head


Ultimately how you deal with them depends on your level and your equipment. Above all keep them at range, heal before, or even during fights, and find a way that works for you







All the preps can easily be done solo


The photo prep doesn't require you to return


Keep the launcher on the road it can get beached/stuck. A swift whack with a tank/wedge usually frees it


You don't need to wait during the flight path prep, walk up to him and shoot him


The fifth and final prep can only be done after the first four preps and set ups have been done, you won't be able to lock on to the target jet, so plan accordingly, even a passenger gunner in a Buzzard will do. A scuba suit helps to recover the package





Rescue Agent 14
Can we go back to being assassins yet?


Take a kuruma right in through the front gate and start taking out guards, clear the outside then head through the main entrance. When nearly all the guards are dead take the car outside and park by the west door
Head back in, stand in the doorway, and throw some sticky bombs down in this area, near the pillars. Take out any remaining guards and head for 14. Once the cut scene is over you will be on either side of the building, if you are on the opposite side of 14 you are in the weaker position, so staying alive is more important than fighting
If you are on the same side as 14, take cover in the corner behind the wood, flip the thermal vision on and detonate the sticky bombs. Edge your way out to deal with any surviving juggernauts (see "A brief word about juggernauts" above).
When the front three are dead, four more will spawn behind you, two on either side. As before the player opposite 14 is in the weaker position so staying alive is more important. Edge around cover slowly and start putting down juggernauts, using your preferred method, but do it quickly.
If you are opposite 14, take cover behind the wood and stay away from the edge. As soon the the front three are down, sprint round to the other side. If you can safely take out any of the juggernauts, do so, but the edge of the wood pile doesn't offer much protection
Once all four are dead, choppers will arrive and start dropping men, take them out through the gaps in the roof. When all that is over, head out to your car, leave 14 for now, drive straight up and round, back into the main entrance, till the buzzard spawns. The buzzard can be extremely aggressive and may fire missiles at players, even while on foot, Shoot down the buzzard, carefully, then get back in the car and start clearing attackers. You can leave someone with 14 to take out the buzzard if you prefer.
Make your way round the next building, clearing as you go. Blow up the green gas tank, to prevent any accidents
Park up near the two shipping containers at the far end, get out and take cover near the gap. Two more juggernauts will spawn and walk towards the gap, take them out however you want. Once the juggernauts are down, clear any remaining guards, then abandon your vehicle.
Make sure 14 is following you, or leave someone with him, before you turn the corner, left to his own devices he will be killed (he literally runs right up to the juggernauts with a pistol!?). Edge your way out of the warehouse and take out the two guards on the roof, one at the near end, the other at the far end
Head out and take cover behind the wood, clear any guards, and get ready to take out the final pair of juggernauts at the far end. Explosive sniper rounds are ideal, regular sniper rounds will do, having some one turn them from inside the warehouse will help, but it can be risky at that range
Alternatively, if you have a mingun, you can edge your way out the front of the warehouse, using the pillar and boxes as cover, and take them out through the fence, this will also keep 14 safe. Don't do this without turning them first, by having someone draw fire from behind the wood, near the choppers.
There's nothing stopping you from driving back to the main gate and attacking from there, remember juggernauts will destroy a kuruma. When they're finally dead jump in the choppers and head out
Mastermind Tip
Bring an insurgent to deal with the buzzard, from range. The real risk is the juggernauts that spawn behind the players opposite 14, the instant the first three are down, move behind the wood and stay safe.


Escort ULP
Government bailout


Take a kuruma and clear the construction site then take the launcher, one driving, one manning the missiles. third and fourth players should follow in the kuruma, or not, ignoring the death trap ramp car.
Head to the objective and get ready to start shooting down choppers. As the driver you must deploy the missiles for the gunner to shoot, this can be done at low speed which will bring you to a stop. As the gunner pay attention to the radar while moving to get a sense of where the choppers are, then when deployed, pay attention to the bar in the top right corner showing you how many missiles are loaded. Most of the time locking on with a single missile is the way to go. As the driver once the final missile is in flight close the launcher and keep moving, it will find it's target
Head out in the oncoming lane, stopping to take out choppers as and when needed.
Once through the tunnel jeeps will start attacking, they pose no real threat, unless they get on the left of the driver. Parking up against barriers can reduce this risk. Keep going, stopping as and when needed and cut the corner near the lake


Colour outside the lines


Take a kuruma and head to the observatory. Park the car near the toilets, facing north, and take cover. Concentrate fire on the attack choppers, not the target. Use any weapon you like, explosive sniper rounds, homing rockets, miniguns. If you get chance, damage the cargobob, but let it fly over.
Jump back in the kuruma and head north out the back of the car park, along the dirt road, across the white bridge, and pull up at the top of the hill. Get out and shoot down the cargobob.
If you are confident with the sniper let it go a little further. Bringing down the Barrage around here cuts out a huge chase and reduces risk
Collect the Barrage and head off road to the airstrip, ignore the gps line, don't worry too much about pursuers or roadblocks, it's a short, almost straight shot, off road, to the airstrip. Park up midway along the airstrip and destroy the plane from range, take out the attack chopper, then request your kuruma and use it to clear the remaining guards. Watch out for explosive barrels.
When clear get back in the Barrage, man the minigun, shoot down or outrun the last chopper and head off road to the drop


It's pronounced "Tank"


Take a kuruma and clear the equipment shed of any guards you can, start at the front, then move round the back when it's mostly clear get out and move inside, leaving another player in the kuruma shooting targets in the scrapyard area can help too. Move inside, check your corners, then destroy the equipment. The side room has two targets in and two guards, don't go inside, just put explosives through the doorway.
When everything is destroyed jump back in the car, drive straight to the tank, clear the immediate area, then get in. The two best weapons on the tank (rail gun, remote turret) are operated from the front seats, so make sure they're manned
Take the tank off road, avoid the airstrip, and keep heading west. The tank is, obviously, well armoured so keep moving and shoot down the attack choppers and any other tanks that get close.
When you get near the river get back on the road, shoot any road blocks in the middle, and head to the drop
Mastermind tip
You can clear the shed from outside with rpgs, or even grenade launchers, but you have to be careful and make sure you know what you're shooting at


Air Defenses
Dull from above


Get in the plane, one pilot and one on the guns. Fly low, ease off the throttle, line up the tail with the target, and drop multiple bombs early rather than late, then back on the power to break off. Don't worry about the attack aircraft. Follow the paths and fly in a big figure 8. The nose gun can be used to destroy targets but this should be a measure of last resort, you will be better served by practising bombing


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ACT 3: The Doomsday Scenario - The Final


It's the final countdown


This is a very tough heist, but with patience, communication, snacks, and the right plan, you can get it done. If you're playing on hard, bring three or four people and sacrifice that extra £50k to use the tank.


The guide is split into three sections, tunnels, hack, and escape


The Tunnels


The "easy" part


Collect either the Barrage or the Tank and head to the objective. Taking the tank will get the host a $50k bonus, taking the Barrage will get the host $100k, so not much in it.The tank makes the first section a lot easier, if you don't have miniguns, take the tank. If you're taking the Barrage, speed through the tunnel, braking, then swerving round the insurgents instead of fighting. Pull up just short of the end of the coloured pipes on the celling, and point the weapons towards the corner. The best way to deal with the 4 juggernauts, other than a tank round to the face, is with a minigun.
Equip the minigun, open your menu (if needed), and either strafe slowly round the corner, taking them out one by one, or wait for them to come to you, but this can lead to them bunching up.
Take cover by the large doorway and start clearing the next room. There will be guards on either side in the middle, and at either side at the far end. Clear them and move towards the door on the right, shotguns ready, to deal with any left alive and any approaching.
Once clear one player should take cover outside the door, while one heads in and immediately takes cover in the small alcove on the left hand side, or by the green crates. This will spawn another juggernaut down the corridor, easily dealt with by bouncing grenade launcher round of the wall and round the corner, or however you prefer.
When you sure it's down, equip your favourite flavour of assault rifle and move up slowly, clearing as you go. You will now have a choice of whether to split up or stay together. The best thing to do is stay together and clear the 2 large rooms in front of you, then double back. Use cover, take headshots, go slow, and watch out for for any guards behind you. There are 5 crates to destroy, they are explosive so be careful. Ignore the one in the store room for now, but blow up the others in the two large rooms, from range
Before you enter the first large room, aim at the center area to catch a few guards in the open. Move in, go slow, use cover
Once the two large rooms are clear, double back and clear the narrow tunnel. plant sticky bombs on the two crates in store rooms and move in to the tunnel. There will be guards as soon as you enter, then a few spaced out further down, again, go slow, use cover.
Take out the crate, then separate, sending one player back through the side door into the large room and through into the wide corridor. Clear any remaining guards, in both tunnels take cover behind the last concrete pillar and the pallets, then blow the last two crates you rigged earlier. If you are in the wide corridor do not advance too far until both players/teams are in position
Clear any remaining guards, in both tunnels take cover behind the last concrete pillar and the pallets, then blow the last two crates you rigged earlier. If you are in the narrow tunnel be sure to destroy the small explosive box in front of the concrete pipes (see below on the far left)
The last two juggernauts and a handful of guards will now spawn at the end of tunnel, the best way to deal with them is to turn them, with the player in the narrow tunnel putting them down, of course if you are in the wide tunnel a well placed blind fired rpg works well. If you are in the narrow tunnel, explosive sniper rounds are your best option, the left hand juggernaut can be hit from inside the small room at the top of the stairs, or from behind the stack of pipes, as long as any other guards are down
Ultimately, as with all juggernauts, find the way that works for you. Take out any remaining guards and move into the final tunnel, clear the last handful of guards (bouncing a gl round works well) and that's this section done


The Hack
Now for the hard part


As soon as you start snipe the guard on the second floor though the glass, then take cover by the wooden crate and nearer the door, shoot open the doors and start taking out guards. Use free aim to shoot blind firing guards then kill them while they're down.
Once the first wave is clear move through the door while aiming then roll left/right and take cover to take out the next wave. If you are on the right clear those in front of you
If you are on the, much tighter, left make sure you get the guard on the stairs to the right, then move forward to the planter, get the other guard on the right, then clear the last three
When it's clear (or if you are running through) move quickly forward and right up the stairs, Equip an auto shotgun and be ready to take out nearby guards, as soon as you reach the second floor, take the large grey stairs to the third floor.
(sticky bomb and missing are optional!) tbr
Using the third floor to move between hacks makes things safer, it's not empty, but it's a lot quieter and gives you invaluable breathing room to start the hack. Pay attention to your radar, especially near the stairs and red doors. Head across to the nearest staircase to the hack, move down an take up your positions. Ideally the ceo should do the hack while others defend, this way defenders will be able to take advantage of the passive healing ability. Defenders should take cover between the adjacent computer bank and the wall for each hack and watch either/both sides, you can leave your menu open but remember this will prevent you from changing weapons
If you have a full team and are confident you can survive in pairs, you may want to consider "leap frogging" the hacks. Once a player starts a hack they will become the primary, not sole, focus of the guards, making it slightly easier to take the long way round to the next hack. So as soon as hack one finishes, you would be in position to start hack two, making it easier to move to hack three and in turn to hack four



If you are having trouble with the hack itself check out this guide by Jimbatron


Ultimately the best way to learn to do the hack is to practise, while it may appear complex at first, it's actually very simple. Keep a few things in mind, if a mirror won't stay at the angle you want, then it is the wrong mirror, try another. Damage to the blue nodes from the beam is cumulative, meaning if you can brush past one, or the beam is rotating, it will eventually destroy it. You have "lives" so if you need to burn through a red box, do it. You are invincible during the hack so you can stay in it till you get word it's safe to exit, this is vital, when you're down to the last blue node let the defenders know so they can make sure it's relatively clear. When you exit the hack, you will be vulnerable so head straight to the defenders/cover and regroup before moving on
The positions for the defenders are the same for each hack, as a single defender you will need to watch both sides. Watch out for guards that will run right up to you
Come down from the third floor and start the first hack. After the first hack, take out some guards then fight your way back to and up the stairs you came down, cut across the third floor and down to the second. From the second hack to the third stay on the same floor and fight your way over.
The third hack is in a terrible position and will leave the hacker very exposed upon exiting. As a single defender concentrate on the left, near side, till the hack is almost complete, then switch to the right for a safe exit for the hacker. After the third hack head to and up the stairs to the right and over to the fourth and final hack. The fourth hack is in an even worse position for the hacker than the third one, again defenders should take a position near the wall, concentrate fire on the left, near side, then clear the far side before the hacker exits. As the hacker as soon as you exit sprint between the banks and take cover at the end, watch out for any guards to the right
The guards will now stop respawning but you still have to clear any remaining, so take cover, heal, and slowly (read, safely) take out the guards, they can be on any floor so go slow. As soon as they're all down head up to the third floor to operate the douche bag calling card orbital cannon then head out thought the marked door
Now the hard part is over


The Escape
The actual easy part


Take cover and clear out the next room, move through and start clearing out the corridors, use free aim, a shotgun, and go slow.
Make sure you repeatedly shoot any eye level boxes before going in as the ones in the last few corridors, the f*ck you boxes, will explode.
Jump on (in?) the jetpacks and have one player chase down Avon while the rest deal with the choppers. The jetpacks can be jarring, but they handle like choppers. Once Avon is dead head to the drop, and you're, finally, done
Mastermind tip
Ultimately this hinges on the hack, try to avoid using snacks and armour till you get there by going slow and using ceo healing, then because by definition you are only doing it once you can use all the armour and snacks you have. Forget the Barrage, use the tank


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Disclaimers and "in befores"


Some of the footage is captured on normal, and may not reflect the strategy laid out, most of this footage was captured with no mic randumbs simply to get it done this week (cast is off and back on my feet next week!!!), everything here works on hard too, I wouldn't go to all this effort to post bad info, the only real difference being juggernauts take and deal more damage,so heal up first, and there may be an increase in guards, but the strategy remains the same. It's actually quite difficult to find high level, competent, mic'd players who are capable of playing on hard. Even been bitched at by someone for running the super easy act 3 setups on hard!?


It's a similar story with the cm run, despite trying I have not found a 4 man team to get it done, now before pedants cry foul, I'm not trying to hide anything and each of the specific mm tips and strategies has been used with a team of 2, 3, or 4, players to complete each job on hard without dying, they just haven't been done concurrently, with the same team. Again, I wouldn't go to all this effort to post bad info, try for yourself


Lost footage from all acts when I couldn't transfer it from an external device so things are missing, as soon as I get a mic'd team I will recreate them


If you are on xb1 and would like to help, let me know


Male pronouns are in no way suggestive of any kind of sexism


I'm not trying to take credit for all these methods, some I developed, some were shown to me, it's highly probable that people found the same solution to the same problem


There will be typo's, they will be fiexd


Names have been removed where ever posible


Not crazy about the title pics, they will be changed, constructive criticism is welcome


This is still a work in progress




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This guide and the one for recommended vehicles to use are really nice, great job!

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This looks really thorough, good job :^:

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First big update


Added link to hack guide

Added pics to rescue 14, dead cor, doomsday final, khanjaji, salv hdd, rescue ulp

Added gifs to rescue 14 (x2), dead cor, rescue ulp, air def

Added map to barrage


Tweaked descriptions on all acts

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I knew it. I knew people were gonna use the Khanjali more than the Barrage for the Act 3 Finale for CMM. (Since it's superior in every way compared to the Barrage)

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First big update


Added link to hack guide

Added pics to rescue 14, dead cor, doomsday final, khanjaji, salv hdd, rescue ulp

Added gifs to rescue 14 (x2), dead cor, rescue ulp, air def

Added map to barrage


Tweaked descriptions on all acts


Do you mind if we had this to our wiki? You'll be credited obviously.

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First big update


Added link to hack guide

Added pics to rescue 14, dead cor, doomsday final, khanjaji, salv hdd, rescue ulp

Added gifs to rescue 14 (x2), dead cor, rescue ulp, air def

Added map to barrage


Tweaked descriptions on all acts


Do you mind if we had this to our wiki? You'll be credited obviously.



Yeah, go ahead

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Thanks for this guide! Attempting this challenge with friends this weekend before After Hours DLC drops. This thread is a big help. 

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A great guide, one question: sometime you mention to clear a certain part 'in free aim'. Is it possible to somehow force free aim when being in assisted aim mode? I haven't found such a way, and it's a very frustrating experience; for instance, in Rescue ULP, while on the top floor and 2 guards are running out of the room with ULP, my auto-aim constantly tries to target someone at the very bottom, and I learned to stick to the very left wall to avoid that. I would love to learn a way to prevent this.

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2 hours ago, Beatrice said:

A great guide, one question: sometime you mention to clear a certain part 'in free aim'. Is it possible to somehow force free aim when being in assisted aim mode? I haven't found such a way, and it's a very frustrating experience; for instance, in Rescue ULP, while on the top floor and 2 guards are running out of the room with ULP, my auto-aim constantly tries to target someone at the very bottom, and I learned to stick to the very left wall to avoid that. I would love to learn a way to prevent this.

not the best way but you could try pressing RT and shooting immediately instead of pressing LT to aim and then RT to shoot.

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9 hours ago, oleg_aka_djmeg said:

not the best way but you could try pressing RT and shooting immediately instead of pressing LT to aim and then RT to shoot.

Gonna try that, thanks. Yesterday, after posting the previous message, I had the pleasure of dying between 3rd and 4th hack in A3 finale, because I was trying to kill the guy running from the door on the left in the wall, but even with him literally in the middle of my screen at the point of pressing LT, my character did an almost ~110 degree turn to the right to the guys somewhere in the middle of the server room. Felt bad, man. ;_;

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So if you fail the criminal mastermind how do reset

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