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[MP] Started


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Year 2015, San Andreas.

The three countries, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The people were following their daily routines. All the things were normally going on. But, Something weird happened in the trios. Suddenly, The weather changed furiously. Somewhere at a high place a portal opened that lead to the world of viruses. The Virus turns human mind into a malfunctioned machine. The machines aim is only one. The aim is to conquer02 the pure hearts and use its energy to malfunction the whole world.


Find out more by playing the series.






Name Steve Rogers

A special agent which is sent from Vice City. His main aim is to low the crimes and bring peace.




Name Dynamo

The human from magician race. Magicians has almost extinct but only few are left. One of them is Dynamo.




Name Officer Tedd

A sincere police officer, his main aim is too remove crime and give hard punishments to heartless terrorist.




Name Yan Nobi

A abadoned kid, his parents sold him to a gang of robbers. He did not want to be a robber. But, his surroundings made him.




In this section, You will be able to download the latest episodes of Season 1. Once the season will have completed, You could be able to download the whole season.


Season 1


Episode 1- Starting in LS

Episode 2- Las Zomas

Episode 3- Devil Pine

Episode 4 - Thief in Law













Yasir_RFL- The creator of the series.

Chaos_17- The creator of headers.

DYOM- The creator of Designer's life.

Dutchy & PatrickW- The creator of DYOM.

Kane- The creator of theme song.

Edited by Yasir_RFL
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PyThOn #TakeItEasy

Goodluck, I hope Started will be finished soon. XD

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@Roxie Thanks buddy. Your profile picture shows that You are a big of Zombies. :D


@Cptmyname Well, It is good to hear that You will try it. And, YOU JUST MAKE THE LIST!

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Episode 3 has been released. Please play it and give me some feedbacks and ratings.

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Thanks Nigga! XD Thank you very much for playing my MP. I will start the EP 4 ASAP.

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Its Episode 4 on progress?Can't wait to play, cause I have no missions to play.

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Alright, Just remove the 02 thing from thé topic.

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Episode 4 has been released. Play and enjoy it. Ratings and feedbacks will be appreciated. :)

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The John David

Nice story, Wish you luck for this MP! :lol::lol:

Edited by Gregorio150
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Yeaahh episode 4!nice mission Yasir!


Waiting for Episode 5 :)

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