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Why there should be no guns in Red Dead 2


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watching this trailer of Black Panther, the elite Wakandian guard says "Guns, so primitive"


Africans saw guns as primitive weapons when Europeans came over


should RDR 2 not have guns?

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The first edition in the series was titled Red Dead Revolver

Edited by unopieceo


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Well, I mean, I'm sure there's people who would love it if you had to hand over your guns in certain towns and/or saloons because "realism is more immersive" or whatever. Either way I'm pretty sure that even if the people of the fictional Nation of Wakanda were around in Old West America they wouldn't have much say in how things are run.


Ugh, and now I've seen that this is a greenrock post and feel stupid for responding but I've already typed all that up so I might as well post anyway.


What's your deal greenrock? Are you trolling or are you somewhere on the autism spectrum? Either way you ask these silly ass questions and even when you get actual responses you almost never engage in the conversation.

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The fact he's posting more spam and now resorting to spamming PMs, I think it's time a mod or admin did the sensible thing and take greenrock out back to put him out his misery.



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Have guns, actual guns, even been confirmed yet???? We've seen pictures, but no real evidence of guns so far.

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There is so much wrong here lmao.


First of all you're sourcing your information based on a movie trailer for a fictional superhero movie.


RDR2 should certainly have guns. What else are you going to do? Go around stabbing people? It's pretty obvious by this point you'll be in Dutch's gang so how would one go about committing old west crimes? With swords and spears?


Bad thread.

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This is clearly intentional trolling which lowers the posting standards in this section. Trolls better be banned!

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It's not your brother who posts all the repeated Arthur questions that make no sense and other spam though.


Edit: I would be thankful if someone reported one or more of those PM's via the report function on the PM conversation. Thank you.



Edited by Spider-Vice
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GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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