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Garage vehicles PS3 vs PS4


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Hi I'm new so sorry if this as already been addressed. I have both PS3 and PS4 copies of GTA 5. Recently bought the Grove Street garage for Franklin in the PS4 version and I am not about to access the cars that the PS3 version has. Such cars as Massacro (racecar) liberator (monster truck) rat truck and quite a few others.


If anyone can help me with information on how to access them or if it's even possible I would greatly appreciate it!

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your question really doesn't make sense because you said "you're not about to access" but I'm going to make the assumption that you meant "you're not able to access"...

Is this correct?


I'm assuming you're referring to the fact that on the PS3 there was a rather large list of vehicles to select from.


if I'm my assumption is incorrect then please ignore this post


However, if this is what you were talking about, then I believe it was offered on the PS3 to players who already had a Rockstar Social Club account from another game.

Edited by Deadman2112
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Yeah sorry I'm not able to access the cars. When in the garage it would pop up on the upper left corner to press right or left (I can't remember) on the d pad. So since there are no other GTA games on PS4 I take it that this option is not available?

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it's cool man I use a speech-to-text converter and it makes a ton of mistakes I just wanted to make certain that I was understanding you correctly


Yeah I noticed the same thing when I transferred to the PS4 and was rather disappointed that I wasn't able to access all the cars that were originally available on the ps3.


I simply made the assumption that this was a returning player PS3 thing only.


If it is available I don't know how to access it.



On the upside of the next gen version of the game, a lot of the cars that are found on legendary motorsports can be found and stolen, so you don't have to buy them. Most can be found in parking garages.


Edited by Deadman2112
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Cutter De Blanc

You buy the cars on the internet.

The ones you can't buy on the internet spawn in traffic

The Liberator spawns only at the Rebel Radio studio

The Roosevelt only spawns at the Movie studio, and a garage in Vinewood Hills

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Ok and what about the Duke of death? I've tried to find it at the cafe a number of times and it's not there. I've even tried the cheat code for it and it will not work but other vehicle cheats do.

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The Zen, and Turismo can be found in the red parking garage with the big stunt jump on top not far from simeon's car dealership and the Maze Bank


I found Duke in Sandy Shores not far from the LS customs

It comes up like a random event


Edited by Deadman2112
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Ok one more question. I've seen stuff about races to get cars out by Sandy shores. Is that part of the online mode or story mode?

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I know there is a race at the yellow jacket

It's a stock car style race

You get a car after doing it


Also the stunt plane races are fun




Fly the majority of the (all if you can) yellow checkpoints upside down to earn the most points per checkpoint. Takes a bit of getting use to but you'll get the hang of it.


Edited by Deadman2112
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PS3/Xbox360 - Player garage special vehicles menu - automatically included all DLC vehicles up to Ill Gotten Gains DLC, plus unlocks like the Space Docker and the RH8 for Social Club members.

PS4/XB1/PC - Player garages no longer included any DLC vehicles, even if you had unlocked them in prior gen console and transferred accounts etc. Special vehicles menu is now limited to the unlocked vehicles like the Stock Cars (after they have been won in the races), Space Docker, RH8 etc.


Vehicle storage is now limited to the 4 visible spaces and the players safehouses. DLC vehicles must be stolen off the street or purchased (or spawned if you don't mind mods/cheats).

Edited by smurfynz
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I noticed after completing the stock car races with Franklin that the 4 stock cars are available at the Grove St garage

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Yeah and...


They should be free in GTA:O also, including the Duke Of Death.


Edited by Deadman2112
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