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Gta mc delivery


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Hi guys I was doing a mc meth delivery half way threw the mission I got a call and I had to go out, I guess that has happened to ye guys as well sometimes, and I had to quit the meth delivery half way threw my delivery, I was doing it solo, when I came back after and logged on there was 20grand less product in my meth from a full store before hand, is it classed as a bad sport to leave a solo mc delivery like that? Anyone know thanks. I don't leave jobs or heists when I start playing with others I know that is bad sport to do that

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I don't think so.
You don't have anything to worry about if you're on PC, that's 100%.

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Quitting a sale will cost you a small piece of your product and it returns to the business.


I'm not 100% on BS points here, it's possible. But don't worry about it. Firstly, it'd take quite a lot of BS points in a short space of time to get troubled with BS lobby punishment, and secondly, if you have friends added, get them to commend you (by looking at you via their options/pause menu) to reverse the effects of BS points too.


Plus, get a 5% discount on all clothes, tattoo's, and weapon upgrades/armour. Peachy!.

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I always quit half of the MC deliveries if i'm doling them solo. Every time I feel that the payout is not worth the time investment (boxvilles, planes, trash trucks), I either switch the session or quit the game completely.


Never had any problems with bad sport. Also, there was no message that would indiciate the BS points. The message is only related to the product.

You don't have to worry about it.

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Only changing session during a VIP job give bad sport points(even Sightseer).

Edited by Hécate-II
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