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Any way to move GTA 3 safehouse location?


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Hello everyone, I was curious if it would be possible to relocate the save location in Portland from the default spot to somewhere else on the map? There's a location in Chinatown that I thought would be cool to have the Portland save point be located at, but I don't know much about modding so I thought maybe some more experienced folks here would be able to explain how to do it? :)


Just to note I'm not asking to relocate the whole safehouse building, just the actual saving spot into another part of the city.

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Sorry to bump this but I found some code in the main.scm file that seems like it could be relevant to the Portland safehouse location in GTA 3. Would anyone know if there's a way to edit this (or some other code in main.scm) to move the save point location?



02A7: $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER = create_icon_marker_and_sphere 17 at 893.5 -306.0625 -100.0
0164: disable_marker $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER






$FLAG_PORTLAND_SAVE_ON_RADAR == 0 // integer values
else_jump @I_SAVE_99
0164: disable_marker $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER
02A7: $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER = create_icon_marker_and_sphere 17 at 870.0 -308.1875 -100.0
018B: show_on_radar $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER 2
$FLAG_PORTLAND_SAVE_ON_RADAR = 1 // integer values


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02A7: $PORTLAND_SAVE_MARKER = create_icon_marker_and_sphere 17 at 870.0 -308.1875 -100.0

The last 3 numbers are the coordinates of where the marker will be placed, use this mod to get the coords of the new location and replace the old coords.

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the script checks some condition that needs to be passed to can show savescreen
it checks if player is in specified zone

00D6: if 0121:   player $PLAYER_CHAR in_zone 'REDLIGH'  // Red Light District004D: jump_if_false @I_SAVE_658

then it checks more exactly, if player is in specified cube

00D6: if 019C:   player $PLAYER_CHAR 0 891.1875 -309.6875 7.6875 899.25 -303.25 12.6875 004D: jump_if_false @I_SAVE_658

then camera change,

015F: set_camera_position 884.5 -305.3125 13.5 0.0 0.0 0.0 0160: point_camera 885.25 -305.8125 13.0 2

it makes sense to give new coords for camera

also, the door object rotates, i don't know if it works if that object is far away

:I_SAVE_15900D6: if 834D:   not unknown_rotate_object $PLAYER_DOOR unknown_angle 210.0 10.0 0 004D: jump_if_false @I_SAVE_194 0001: wait 0 ms 0002: jump @I_SAVE_159

you should place it to the new save location

029B: $PLAYER_DOOR = init_object #PLAYERSDOOR at 890.875 -307.6875 8.75
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Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. I'll experiment a bit and post here if I run in to any problems...

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