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Posting a(nother) heist guide, got a few questions


Go to solution Solved by Uncle Sikee Atric,

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Edit 2 - would still like to know about getting it pinned


Edit - started posting, going to need a mod at some point tomorrow





So a while ago I posted this. Now I'm just about ready to post a new doomsday version, got it typed up, got the footage, but I seem to remember it not being that straight forward


First, is there a still a pic/gif per post limit?


Meaning to get around it I would need to post a thread under a different title, get someone to reply to it, then edit in the post, then get the the replies removed and the title changed


Second, as it will be similar quality to the last one (pics, gifs, maps, "amazing" photoshop skills) can it be pinned too?


Third, I know I can't post .gifv but when I post gifs created with imgur, they don't look as good (smooth) as larger gifs not created, but still hosted, on imgur. Is there a way around this?


That's all I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions once I start posting (over the weekend probably)



Edited by Ezekeil2Ofive17
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  • Solution

First, is there a still a pic/gif per post limit?

There is a limit of 40 images per post (I know because I hit the limit every 40 weeks with the Caption Competition).


If you're going to use any significant number of images in a post, it's best to make sure they're spoilered and hidden in the inital form. Mobile bandwidths can be eaten up very quickly by having large quantities of images and gifs in posts and lots of forum users are browsing from their mobile devices.

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Yeah, it will be in spoiler boxes, like the one already up


40 images seems really high, good to know, thanks

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I though the image limit was 20?


I remember when I was posting some images in the Funny Picture thread in General Chat that I made sure to count each picture as I posted it so I didn't have to go though and delete a bunch of them and I posted 21 and it told me I was over my limit and had to delete that ONE picture before it would post

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Well even 20 will be ok, even if it's not I can do composite images and link gifs instead, I'll cross that bridge as and when


Checked my old posts, and I did have a mod change the title and delete posts, so unless I hear otherwise that's what I'll do again


Also be nice to know about getting it pinned, I can't remember what I did last time, I think I just asked



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