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​recently i have been writing in a book about ideas for gta online and i am going to write one of the ideas. Mr Offroad Motorworks ever wanted both ends of the spectrum? ever wanted a car with a performance body but a want a 5 liter diesel sticking through the hood and 2 feet off the ground? to bad, you've got it! in this DLC, there will be mud, rocks and money in the way of you achieving rank of best offroader ever. new customization shop called Mr offroad motorworks new racing props, such as mud, rocks and dirt new cars Masada mx-5 miata (old) ennis sun 626,000 suburu legacy (old) (estate) Karin trilogy 473,000 ford f150 (2013) vapid ration 531,000 vauxhall vectra (2008) vapid girur 435,000 ford ranger (2005) declassa duty 410,ooo volkswagen transporter shuttle albany recorder 299,000 volkswagen golf mk 4 albany bassball 39o,000 mini countryman weeny medium 589,000 lamborghini lm002 lampadati mounting 612,ooo ford crown Victoria retired police vehicle (2010) vapid cruncher 355,000 all vehicles above can be upgraded in the new shop other vehicles also able to be upgraded (wasn-t given first names) seminole, cavlcade (old), domnator, fugitive, gresley, washington, sandking, sandking swb and rancher xl the new shop is on the intersection (to the right) on Joshua road thank you for looking at my pathetic excuse for a dlc but i hope you injoyed, i wouid like yo know what your dlc concepts are!

i have no clue what happend to the text. sorry!

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i have no clue what happend to the text. sorry!


Yes, let's just woosh the magic wand around and fix it eh? This is a mess.

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