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Gaming Screenshots Gallery


Recommended Posts


All games and all sorts of screenshots are allowed here as long as they fit the rules, whether they show your new record, characters or shenanigans, however, artsy shots are certainly preferred.


- No more than 6 images per post to keep the pages shorter and sweeter, just post again later if you want to share more;
- Post only your own screens;
- Your screens may be edited however you wish;
- Be sure to state the games from your screenshots;
- Keep discussion to a minimum. There's a thread for about every game in this section, use that for discussing instead;
- No nudity, as per GTAForums rules. If a screenshot contains nudity, be sure to blur it or cover it properly, or just don't post it at all;
- No images taken with your phone, no animated gifs;
- Your fellow australian-tier-internet forumers may thank you if you resize your shots but it isn't necessary. If you do, feel free to link the full resolution.

Don't know how to post an image? Have a look here.
I personally recommend Cubeupload for hosting your screens, seeing as they don't compress your images, although they have a 5MB per image limit. However any other sites are ok, such as Imgur or Flickr, just be aware some sites compress your images.No, this thread was not sponsored by cubeupload.

I'll start with a few screens of mine, from Gran Turismo 6 and 5.



AutumnRing.png Edited by Creme_Brulee
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)





Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017)





Until Dawn (2015)





The Last of Us Remastered (2015)






Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (2016)



Good thread.

Edited by Matrelith
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(ETS2, potato graphics)

They always said trains are faster than trucks, so I gave it a try:



They also said planes are faster.


Edited by DOUGL4S1
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I spammed the sh*t out of AC Origins' photo mode. Got almost 1200 screenshots last time I checked. Gonna shamelessly repost some of my screenshots. I still have well over a 1000 pics that I didn't share yet, might look into them sometime and post them too.

Taken on day 1 PS4.















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I like this thread. A big orgy of nice pictures. Will try to post a few times in here. For this post it'll be my favorite GTA V pics. Cars are my own or from friends.







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A good thread to share your screenshots. I love to screenshot things around. But i don't think that i'll post cinematic stuff here tho.
By the way, there's rule against nudity. But is there something against gore?




Far Cry 3



Dying Light





Edited by Sanches
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By the way, there's rule against nudity. But is there something against gore?

It is part of the GTAForums rules not to post gore. But it really depends on how bad the gore is I suppose. It is a GTA forum after all, a series which is no stranger to gore, just don't go overboard with it. :^:

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For a few screenshots more...





Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)






The Last of Us Remastered (2015)






Firewatch (2016)







Until Dawn (2015)






Valiant Hearts: The Great War (2014)

Edited by Matrelith
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Mass Effect: Andromeda40034226731_aa291ff1f6_o.png40001647972_2767f50d7f_o.png


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag



Guild Wars 2


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Professional Amateur

I know it's not exactly a masterpiece compared to the other screenshots here, but I've always liked this shot that I got from Battlefield 1:




Forza Horizon 3:



Edited by Professional Amateur
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My Cry Of Fear comparison between 2014 playthrough and 2017 playthrough.




Edited by Sanches
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Metal Gear Online 3


Killing Floor




Ooh, i got enough of content



Edited by Sanches
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