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Need help embedding collisions into a model

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I'm trying to learn how to build collisions around native models that don't normally have it. For example, I'm using a model named `v_49_motelmp_bed.ydr`.


This model does not have collision embedded into itself. Instead, the collision for this model comes from `v_motel_mp.ybn` which attaches to the interior of `v_49_motelmp_shell.ydr`.


If I spawn the bed into the game as-is, I can walk right through it


My thinking was to use 3D Studio Max with GIMS and emded my own collision boxes into the model like I've seen done with other native items. I imported `prop_tv_cabinet_03.ydr` into 3D Studio Max to see how it's structured because this model has collision emdedded already. I used that model as a guide to setup and structure my new bed model and threw in a large collision box to test with.


I exported the model out of 3D Studio Max and used OpenIV to convert it to a `ydr` file but when I stream the new model into the game, there's still no collision.


Can anyone help with this? Every video, thread or article on this subject seems to be super vague or outdated. I also bought and tried zmodeler 3 with the same results.

Any help or direction with this would be greatly appreciated. I've been debugging and researching this issue for days.

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I would like to try to help you but I'm unable to even spawn "v_49_motelmp_bed"...

How did you manage to do that?


RPH spawn command tells me the model is invalid and using SHVDN World.CreateProp doesn't work (Prop.Exists() returns false).

I tried to add bone to the model, OpenIV see the bone but the game refuse to create the prop.

Edited by Bob_74

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You might have to spawn it at these coords (x = 152.2605, y = -1004.471, z = -98.99999), which is where the original model can be found. I'm also using FiveM, so I'm able to stream that model anywhere in the world. I've been inching closer and closer on getting this to work but still no dice. This is my max file in case anyone would like to go over it and see if there's something I might have missed.

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Seems like you use 3dsmax 2016, I've had issues with 2016 version and GIMS so I went back to 2012.

Can you save as an older max format?


EDIT: I actually needed to go to this location to be able to spawn this model...

I was totally unaware of this kind of behaviour!

Edited by Bob_74

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Ezio Baggins

So, solution ?

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