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Zolika1351's V Trainer/Mod Menu (.asi)

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You know my IV menu? This is that for V with a few new V-exclusive features and asi instead of sco.





Numpad to navigate
F7 to open/close
Num4/Num6 to change selected player (For Player Teleports)
Hold mouse wheel button to activate fly mode. Control with WASDQE.
Car Speedup ]
Car Superbrake \
Move forward through door '
Unlimited Ammo ;
Never Wanted [
Toggle Collision =
Airbreak F6





FiveM Support (for now: select players and teleport to them)

Middle mouse Fly
Toggle collision
Move forward through door
Clean car, fix car, flip car
Car speedup, car superbrake
Teleport to safehouses
Teleport to skyfall
Teleport to waypoint
Time settings (you can even set negative time!)
Timescale change (all the way down to 0.001)
Weather changing
Clothes changing (change individual components and textures)
Give all weapons
Remove all weapons
Menu color change (even has rainbow!)
Menu style change (expand or replace)
Select vehicle color (color 1, 2, 3 and 4, supports up to 255 colors!)
Select carcols entry (natural colors)
Livery selection
Car Turbo (low for drifting and high for going so fast that you fly away)
Car Godmode (no engine damage, fix loop, never dirty, autoflip)
Save Car (saved car options lets you do things to saved car)
Car Spawning (all cars from the game in a giant list)
Player Model (all peds from the game in a giant list)
Ped spawning (or bodyguard, same list as Player model)
Populated spawn (i.e. cop cars with cops in them)
Story Cars (unfinished, currently has the 3 protags cars)
Walkstyles (Franklin, Trevor, Michael and Michael slow)
Custom Walkstyle/Car/Ped/Player Model - Type in a model name to spawn
Mobile Radio
Cars Never Locked
Cars Owned By Player (won't get wanted level for stealing cars)
Free Cutscenes (control player in in-game cutscenes)
Player Drive/Walk Task (autopilot, drives to waypoint if exists)
Save Game
Autosave anytime
Cancel mission (cancels the mission immediately, no respawning)
State Display (displays various useful info about player)
Custom God (enable individual proofs)
Always God
Health Loop god
Never Wanted
Rapid Fire
Unlimited Ammo
Cops Dispatched/Not Dispatched
Slide Run
Skip on Water
Toggle Ragdoll
Midget Mode
Player Visibility toggle
Drive/Walk on Water











Edited by Zolika1351

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