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The Rockstar Games Humble Bundle for the Rainforest Alliance


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In an extremely charitable move, Rockstar Games has announced a very impressive Humble Bundle package, where all proceeds are going to the Rainforest Alliance! The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit organisation that focuses in tackling today's challenges: Poverty, Climate Change, Social Inequity, Biodiversity Loss through collaborations in agriculture, forestry, tourism and more.


With a $1 donation to this cause, you can get GTA III, GTA VC, Max Payne 1 and Manhunt all for yourself on the PC platform.

For more than the average donation, you can get, along with the above, Max Payne 2, Bully, GTA San Andreas and L.A. Noire.

With a $15 donation, you get access to Max Payne 3, GTA IV and all it's DLC, and L.A. Noire plus its DLC.


The bundle ends on February 12 at 1 PM Eastern Time, so follow this link to help out! Over 5000 bundles have been purchased so far!


Rockstar Games has been known for some charities already, by supporting (to list one) Movember (to help out prostate cancer and other male-directed diseases), and even forcing GTA Online cheat tool creators to donate all their proceedings to charity. Although not profitable, they have also been a part of the Dare to be Digital student developer event, to help out young students in the world of programming and development.

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see i would buy this there was a shark card with this. at least it goes to charity not to greedy take 2. but kudos for R* for doing this.


maybe mp3 multiplayer might spark a bit

Edited by Quinn_flower
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Some pointers before you buy (taken from the Gamedeals subreddit);


  • Bully has compatibility issues with Windows 10. It crashes randomly, with and without mods. No known fix.

  • Bully is locked to 30 FPS, but can be bypassed with the 60 FPS patch

  • GTA SA on Steam is v3, which removes quite a lot of songs from the base game, and you are unable to use mods on it, if you wish to use mods, use the Steam dowgrade patch, yes this means you can use SAMP, CLEO and all other mods.

  • Max Payne 3 + L.A Noire require a Rockstar Games Social Club account., GTA 4/EFLC, it's not required.

  • GTA IV/EFLC use Games For Windows Live, which is defunct. You can bypass this using XLiveLess.

  • GTA SA, Vice City and GTA 3 are DRM free and do NOT require Steam to be launched.

  • L.A Noire is locked to 30 FPS, uncapping the FPS will result in facial glitches.

  • Some people report issues with GTA3/VC on 64 bit OS.

  • For User Tracks (on 3/VC/SA), it will only support .m4a tracks if QuickTime is installed on your PC, otherwise SA won't play iTunes' tracks.

  • Some people have reported issues with Manhunt on Windows 10, fix can be found here

  • Bully, GTA IV/EFLC are poorly optimized. For example, Bully will run great on low end machines, like Intel HD machines, but that doesn't mean it'll run great on RX cards. It's a similar case for GTA IV, don't expect it to run great on your rig, many people noticed GTA IV runs worse than GTA V regardless of specs.

  • Most of the games here are very low end friendly games. GTA 3/VC/SA will run on practically anything. GTA 4/EFLC/MP3/LAN require a more modern machine though.

  • For MacOS users, you will only get GTA 3/VC/SA and Max Payne 3 out of this bundle. Nothing for Linux. I don't know if you can get Bully/GTA4 etc running through WINE.

Edited by Matrelith
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  • Most of the games here are very low end friendly games. GTA 3/VC/SA will run on practically anything. GTA 4/EFLC/MP3/LAN require a more modern machine though.

Finally some games that my computer can run!








Such an awesome move by Rockstar. They've been getting dogged on a lot for being greedy and lazy for some updates/focusing on Adversary Modes and stuff but this gives me hope that they're still nice guys.

Edited by livejoker
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They are the authors of many questionable decisions, but they're also really nice and do commonly invest in charitable actions. They have also supported the Sick Kids Save Point charity*, endorsed LGBTQ charities, and money the Daily Star paid them for damages was all donated to charity as well. They also support the AbleGamers charity for people with disabilities.


*"Rockstar North have donated a four figure sum every year to The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, as well as prizes to fundraisers who are taking on the challenge of playing games for 24 hours to raise money for this vital local charity."

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Best bundle I've seen so far, already purchased the 15$ variant, even though I already own most of R*'s games, albeit all original, physical, not linked to my Steam account. It's good to have a digital backup for Manhunt or 3D era GTAs. Especially if it .helps Rainforest Alliance, which I supported for some time now.

One thing I find a bit underwhelming is lack of GTA 1 and 2 - they're free, and have been for long time, but for some odd reason you can't get them on Steam separately, they're available only in a complete franchise pack or something, don't remember. These wouldn't hurt anyone's pockets, but surely would add value to this bundle, which already is outstanding.


With all honesty, the 1$ pack is a must have, I see absolutely no reason not to get it, unless you have all the 4 games digital already. It's a steal.

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GTA SA, Vice City and GTA 3 are DRM free and do NOT require Steam to be launched.

Sorry, what? Last time I heard, Steam versions of these games didn't work on their own, without Steam.
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Just tried launching genuine Steam copy of Vice City with the client closed. The first thing the game did was launch Steam. It threw an error at me when I tried hiding Steam from the game by renaming Steam.exe.

Edited by Claude_Lib
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