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Let's write an Xbox One game


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23 hours ago, trip said:

But come on...this is different than the daily IT or programming grind.  :)

Well, sure. But I make games, including for consoles. I manage an engine team for a AAA game studio, so I'm in a lot of game planning meetings and I regularly test things on dev kits that sit on my desk. Well, presumably still on my desk. I haven't been back to the office in a year - I still connect to these dev kits remotely, though.

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See...now in all these years...how did I miss that? Neat.  I always imagined you as a core programmer/engineer in some sort of science or engineering environment.



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Nah, I've mostly been in games or games-adjacent tech since I left graduate program at university (which was in particle theory, so lots of computational work). I did work at Google for a time in 3D reconstruction for their maps team, but that wasn't as much fun. When this thread started, I was a server engineer at a startup focusing on chat middleware for various games, so I wasn't getting enough hands-on work with games themselves. But shortly after we got acquired by WB Games, I ended up leaving for my current job, which is working for a major game studio, and I've been there for the past two years. I don't really want to post any details in a public thread, but if you're curious about my current work, feel free to ask in a private message.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok... I released something of a real playable game this time.





Free code available in an OGA thread.  

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  • 4 weeks later...

Very very early screenshot of my next release.

My take on the arcade classic Defender.  "Save the Puppies and Kittens"



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