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[III] Mobile stuff conversion

the errorman®

Recommended Posts

the errorman®


If You want to learn more about the changes to the mobile version you can watch this video:








Vehicles models:

[x] landstal

[x] idaho
[x] stinger
[x] linerun
[x] peren
[x] sentinel
[x] patriot
[x] firetruk
[x] trash
[x] stretch
[x] manana
[x] infernus
[x] blista
[x] pony
[x] mule
[x] cheetah
[x] ambulan
[x] fbicar
[x] moonbeam
[x] esperant
[x] taxi
[x] kuruma
[x] bobcat
[x] mrwhoop
[x] bfinject
[x] corpse
[x] police
[x] enforcer
[x] securica
[x] banshee
[x] predator
[x] bus
[x] rhino
[x] barracks
[x] train
[x] chopper
[x] dodo
[x] coach (fixed version from "fixedveh.img")
[x] cabbie
[x] stallion
[x] rumpo
[x] rcbandit
[x] bellyup
[x] mrwongs
[x] mafia
[x] yardie
[x] yakuza
[x] diablos
[x] columb
[x] hoods
[x] airtrain
[x] deaddodo
[x] speeder
[x] reefer
[x] panlant
[x] flatbed
[x] yankee
[x] escape
[x] borgnine
[x] toyz
[x] ghost







If You find any bugs, please let me know personally about them.


Edited by the errorman®
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the errorman®

Aren't they just like the xbox vehicles?

It seems that they are, but in General DimZet not converted correct the model 'coach'.

Edited by the errorman®
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Igor Bogdanoff

Download vehicles from here http://gtaforums.com/topic/759642-ps2-and-xbox-vehicles-for-pc/
Peds from here http://gtaforums.com/topic/815077-skin-and-bones/
Now hud, menu and few graffitis around map needs texture change

There done your mobile mod

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