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Why was VCS removed from the PSN store and will it come back?


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  • 5 months later...
ZeyadProGamerCod Legend

Vice City Stories is removed from the PSN stores on PS3, because PS3 will be completely offline in a year or two just like the PS2, as Sony tries to make space for PS4 and PS5 players for their online server.



GTA 5 online (1st Generation) is for free on PS3 and Xbox 360. Without paying a subscription for PS Plus (PS3) or Xbox Live (Xbox 360).

GTA 5 online (2nd Generation) is not for free on PS4 and Xbox One. You have to pay subscriptions for PS Plus (PS4) or Xbox Live (Xbox One). 


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ZeyadProGamerCod Legend
On 4/29/2019 at 7:48 AM, silly_nate said:

Is vcs back on psn for ps3?

if not where can I get it for ps3? :ph34r:

You can't download it from the PlayStation Store on PS3 cause it's officially removed. I will give you some options to Play GTA VCS


First Option:

If you have a PSP then download the game on the PSP PlayStation Store as it's still available.


Second Option:

Go to a nearby gaming store and ask them for a disc version for GTA VCS there's PS3 and PSP discs (depends on what console your using).


Third Option:

Install a PSP emulator on your PC or a PS2 emulator to play the game and make sure your using a PS3 controller connected to the computer. Keyboard won't be compatible with GTA VCS.


Edited by ZeyadProGamerCod Legend
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  • 4 months later...
Hayden Matthews

What happened to this game? Is it because of the crashes or the soundtrack license issues? I had a PS3 but it died and I enjoyed playing this game but to discover it is gone on the store. Why was Sony deleting a lot of there games on the PS2 games the PS3 store? Like seriously what is going on here?? The Wikipedia article is outdated too with the list of the PS2 games that are no longer available on the PS3 store  VCS crashed a couple of times on me LCS had bad frame rates and I couldn’t take it anymore that game crashed many times and the radio would cut out at times. Did Rockstar forgot to fix the crashes and bugs before releasing these games like 7 years ago??? Who knows maybe they forgot to test them before releasing them on the PS3. I will have to go on eBay to get a PS2 and play GTA Vice City Stories on there until Sony answers our question. Should we tweet them or Email them or talk to Rockstar about this too. 

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