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Why the hell is CJ doing everything he's told

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Because CJ couldn't resist stealing an experimental jetpack from a secret military base and some green stuff loaded on a train packed with guards, or it was necessary to progress the story or to say "I was there when that happened".


He also wanted to stop the drug trade from San Fierro to Los Santos, graduate from flying school, perform a plane-to-plane hijack, single handedly took over all gang territories without a scratch, survived a drop from the tallest building in the game and is able to pick up heavy weights and do a lot of reps without stopping, all because I commanded him to do so.

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Evil empire

The black project is fun to play so even if it doesn't seem to match the rest of the story and even if you never get to know what's Mr Truth's purpose with the Green goo I won't blame Rockstar for it. A bit of fantasy doesn't hurt as long as it adds fun to a game.


Coming back to the topic's subject I don't see why all the things Carl does would be more immersion-breaking than seeing Tommy Vercetti personally distribute the flyers for his upcoming porn movie, personally sell ice-cream so the Cherry poppers generates money or personally rob a corrupt SWAT members bank so the Malibu club generates an income when he already earns 5000$ per day with the pizzo through the mall shops he "protects".


CJ's missions are neither more unrealistic than when you see Tommy spend 600$ watching a stripper dance so the Pole position club generates money.

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Official General

Seriously OP ??


If you really want to know the answer just keep having multiple playthroughs of the game until get your answer.


In the meantime don't be asking such silly questions, that's my advice. If you want CJ to say "to hell with y'all" and do whatever he wants, sit down at home in Grove Street doing nothing but eating Cluckin' Bell meals and Rusty Browns donuts all day - then yeah sure it's possible - but then it won't be much of a game would it ? Duh

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