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Envmap for weapons + fixes


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iiCriminnaaL 49

It's so beaufitul ;) I've always been wondering what makes Stories weapons cool.


Found a little problem (don't know if anyone else faces the same problem); Sniper model is crashing my game, the rest of models work fine.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

I'll fix the bugs soon

Nice to hear.


Btw, there's a little thing. I've seen you've changed the icons of the Micro Uzi, 9mm Colt, and Silenced 9mm, so they match their ingame appearances, that sounds so cool. But there're some little white parts around those new icons. (they aren't so noticeable though, but stating them in case you prefer to edit them ;), that's all)

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I saw that you edited the post, but the sniper rifle model is still broken..

Edited by MrFinger
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No idea how but this is causing me to crash after i die in LS. I know it sounds like one of those dumb random reports where people dont check anything but i double-checked, after putting the folder in my modloader whenever I respawn at hospital with this = crash. A big shame cause after using it, kinda feels essential.



come to think of it - I think someone here mentioned sniper is corrupted, yet I think theres a sniper spawn on top of LS hospital? well that explains the crashing now.... f*ck me, took me literally 2 days to realize what mod caused the crashing and it was just a tiny weapon retex all along

Edited by lolleroz
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