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[XBOX 1] Sprunk Xtreme One Cup Stock Car Series - SUN @ 10 PM EST

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We are starting a Sunday NASCAR style stock car event. It's every Sunday @ 10 PM EST. The events are Super Speedway style events, and although Catch-Up is off, Slipstream is very much ON. In some races Drafting techniques are paramount while in others drafting and cornering are needed. There is a Daytona/Taladega style track, a NH/Vegas style track, and a Martinsville style track. There is no qualifying, no pitting, needed. Just show up and have fun.


The required vehicle is the Sprunk Buffalo. If you don't have a Buffalo, don't show up, trust me, we won't cry. If you don't have a Buffalo don't tell us you'll show up because you're just taking a spot for a better racer who is better prepared than you. This race is for virtual professionals only. If you bang and suck at racing or you think you're some pompous superstar that everyone should bow down to you won't do well here. That's life. Deal.


For those out there that pays attention, is prepared, looking to have fun and share the track and be competitive while being cooperative then this race is for you. It will be 10 races long for each series and you'll have a chance at each track as you go along. Each race is around 30 minutes long plus set-up time and we like to fill up the lobby so make sure your connection is on point. If you drop or have problems we can't stop for you.


Here is one of the races:

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We are continuing to hold these events every Sunday @ 10 pm EST on Xbox!


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We have an awesome series going on! We would love if you stopped by.

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