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Need money advice


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Hi all,


So i played a little bit a while ago and didn't get very far but looking to try and get back into gta. I'm currently lvl 28 and have a apartment, 3 crappy cars, basic weapons, motorcycle club house and around $30,000 what advice can you give me for going forward in terms of making money ?


p.s i refuse to buy shark cards and am on ps4

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Grind 2x money events until you have enough to get a elegy retro and the rest you need to start duping and then check the sinful forum

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Do mc contracts, 2x money events, work for other organizations helping them collect cargo and sell, etc.

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Grind 2x money events until you have enough to get a elegy retro and the rest you need to start duping and then check the sinful forum




To get started the quickest you will need $1,255,000 and a friend who has an Elegy Retro Custom though.





- Buy the Paleto Bay Facility;

- Buy a Faggio to a garage and fill your Facility with free Elegy RH8s;

- Get iFruit and get yourself a personal plate (the first one is free);

- Do the no-MOC/Avenger GC2F method from the "other forum";

- Once you've got your friend's Elegy Retro Custom with custom plates (make sure the plate matches the personal plate you got from iFruit), you'll probably need a Stretch Limo for $30,000;

- Do the solo dupe method

- Each dupe should sell for about 900k+, so sell 6 of them, each 31 minutes apart;

- You now have $5,400,000

- Buy the 6 cheapest 10 car garages, Maze Bank West and 3 office garages for a total of $4,515,000

- Get the Great Chapparal Clubhouse for $200,000 (it'll make duping easier)

- Now fill everything EXCEPT the clubhouse with Faggios (120 of them will cost you $600,000)

- When you dupe an Elegy Retro Custom, trade out a dupe from the Facility with a Faggio from the MC menu to make it quicker

- When you're done duping, you'll have potentially 127 Elegy Retro Customs (120 in garages, 7 in Facility), which you will be able to sell at no more than 8 a day for a grand total of $114,300,000.

- Repeat on Character 2.



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For the legit way it all depends if you have friends to play with or are solo.


The normal buildup is usually:


1. Start with contact missions

2. Buy a high end apartment

3. Grind Fleeca heist

4. Buy an office

5. Do vip work

6. Buy a vehicle warehouse

7. Do import and export(for best result you need to make a solo public session) and vip work

8. Bunker and(if you have friends) MC coke and meth


My grind without the help of friends give me around 350.000$ an hour. Thats Import and Export + VIP work + bunker + selling blue or yellow sentinel every 48mins. This does require a solo public session, cargobob and an armored boxville though. Without the Boxville its 30k less per hour roughly.


Per hour roughly:


Import and Export 3x 80.000$ cars

Armored Boxville 2x 35.000$ missions

Headhunter 1x 20.000$ mission

Sentinel sell 1x 15.000$

Bunker sell 1x 58.000$


403.000$ it seems but in sure its a little lower

Edited by Bobfakkel
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Look on Youtube for a recent money guide.


R* is reading this forum. If they see tips on easy money, R* will nerf it.

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