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Mysterious depletion of Advance Rifle ammo?


Go to solution Solved by StangOne50,

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I’m periodically getting bills of upto $18k for advance rifle ammo. I don’t really use this weapon, so how come I’m depleting the ammo?


As soon as come online, I check my ammo inventory and make sure it’s full. I do the same when I finish any activity; sometime I replenish in the AmuNation store, sometimes from the interaction menu.


Recently this problem seems more irritating because I’m getting these bills after doing the double dollar races, where I don’t even use any ammo?


Has anyone else noticed anything like this?


I had the same problem late last year and asked Rockstar if there was some kind of issue with the ammo disappearing, they said: No, not that they were aware of - and suggested that the next time it occurred, I left the session and restarted the game, to see if that replenished my ammo. Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to test that suggestion because the problem seemed to go away. But now it’s back and I’m a lot poorer than I was before the holidays, so these bills are starting to hurt, especially when I don’t believe I’m actually being billed fairly.


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There are a million threads about the disappearing ammo thread in this section. Rockstar knows about it and doesn't care. Not sure what you mean by bills though...if you never use rifles, why are you paying to top them up? Leave it empty and they'll have nothing to delete.

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I finally caught the bug in action. I can replicate this by joining any job at any time. I have tried tons of sh*t to fix it but nothing has worked. Note this has been a problem for me for over 6 months now. Its pretty bad in my case because it effects my marksman and I have explosive rounds in my sniper. So basically for the last 6 months I have been playing with only 40 sniper rounds or less.


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  • Solution

Ok with a help from a friend I may have found a temp solution for this issue.

I have gone a couple days without losing ammo before so for now I have my fingers crossed hoping that this is a good fix.

Its simple actually.

Never ever buy any ammo without disabling your custom load out first and Im not sure if this part matters but only buy ammo from ammunation unless you have explosive rounds or other ammo types besides normal but if you do then do the same thing, disable your custom load out before buying them. The game will automatically enable your loadout after you buy the ammo.

Doing this has prevented me from losing my ammo immediately after backing out of a job lobby like in the video. I tried many things to prevent myself from immediately losing the ammo but this is the only thing that worked.

I have disabled my loadout before and still ended up losing ammo but this may be because the game will automatically enable your loadout without telling you it did so and I may have purchased ammo while it was enabled unknowingly.


I had this problem on my 1st character with the marksman and on my second character with the combat mg. So far I have not lost my ammo on either character.

If you dont have a custom loadout or a gun locker then idk, I suppose you would not have this issue.

Edited by StangOne50
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