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Recommended Posts

Nolan R

Out of Character (OOC)

Name: Nolan

Age: 16

PSN: NjrKid123

Roleplay experience: Average +3


In Character (IC)


Name: NJ Kingley

Age: 20

Job/Career/Money Source: Police Officer

Bio: As a kid Nj’s parents where killed when they raided a drug dealers house but little did they know it was rigged to explode and it killed them both which sent Nj through some hard times in his life going up and down on an unending spiral until a cop tells him he can do good with his life and with all the talents he has he could easily become a cop(ps he was a really good athlete everyone called the unknown prodigy)

Personality: Rash, Hot headed, more actions less words, but also caring and careful when needs be

Vehicle: Vapid Stanier

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how do I become a cop?

Really would like to become part of GTA v roleplay

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Hi, just wondering if this server is still up and running?

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I love to rollplay

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Out Of Character (OOC)


Name: Phoney

Age: 17


Role Play experience: Pretty decent but new to Voice RP


In Character (IC)


Name: Sammy Siddharth


Age: 18


Job/Career/Money Source: Stealing, Selling cars he stole, robbing, heists, small time jobs.



(Past:)Sammy was always a trouble maker having to be bailed out of jail in Liberty City and in Vice making him and his mom and older brother move a lot.


(Present/Goals:) To make his ma and brother proud and become the richest man alive to help them. Having moved/ran away to Los Santos


Personality: Energetic, Happy, and a mischievous teen.


Vehicle: Bravado Gauntlet 

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