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Looking for casual PS4 players

Choo-Choo Chicken

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Choo-Choo Chicken

For some reason it seems like every topic is about car meets and heists and roleplay and I'm not into that so here's my topic. I'm just trying to find people to play with, mostly doing CEO things or getting into shenanigans.

My qualifications:

- rank 298

- 2.1 kill/death ratio (I never attack first, I just know how to defend myself)


- a better pilot than most players

- I have all the necessary cool things (Hydra, Avenger, Deluxo, Savage, etc.)

- I've played long enough to know how to not be terrible


If you're new and need help and defense or if you're experienced and need competent friends then yeah add me I guess. My PSN is choochoochicken.

I know my username is ridiculous, but I can assure you I'm not as dumb as I look.

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Hi, I'll add you, maybe we can help each other resupply and sell shipments or anything. lvl 172 at the moment, second profile, first was a little less than 300. I know nothing about the second half of act III but it's been easy so far with just one friend. I know the old heists very well. Psn: ozkurl *I have a mic, my english isn't the best but sufficient.

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