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[SA] configure madleg's ragdoll physics

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everyone loves how physics simulated to video games, they showed us object moves and transformed just like real things and makes the game element never boring. Nowadays, physics are core element for video games which wants to simulate real life things. Some of mod by community brings ragdoll physics to San Andreas, there are two noted mods:

  • the first is Ryosuke's ragdoll who simulate body by spring between joints,however there are missing parts and that is collision bound and joint limit, making body movement is unnatural (twisted and jellying). But the cool things he's add body detachment in the latest release and ragdoll activated if ped performing listed animation and frame which listed on the config file. Making user can decide when ragdoll performed.
  • the second is Madleg's ragdoll physics, He using software called "Bullet physics" and hook'em into ingame animation, this mod have collision detection and joint limit. However this mod has some bug, sometimes ragdoll never ending, making ped is never wake up and "sleep" forever, they still have health points or they have no points but the game read ped as alive. And sometimes body has go through solid environment (collision bound).

I've doing this research since Ryosuke ragdoll launched but I never make any one because I am not enough skills to find the way. instead I looked for a way and noticed how these two mods worked, I made some changes to the settings and restarted the game a dozen times to find the difference, until I realize the pro and cons of this mod.
On June 2016, a modder who has nickname "madleg" release his ragdoll mod, I am do the same thing like previous mod, resetting and restarting for getting best config. so I will share my observation on this thread.


The Value of Variable


a person from mixmods.com.br nicknamed Junior_Djjr leave few words in every line of configuration, I get some information from him and I developed his understanding.

here is a place to give the value of how many times the method is done, since ragdoll is physics calculation. The value must be an integer, minimum value is 1. different values makes ragdoll motion different, whether it better or worse. Default value is 3. the higher value is, more performance is consumed.
UPDATE: I've found that substeps means how many times physics calculated between deltatime. See this

the value is floating point, higher than 1.0 means faster, lower is slower than default (1.0). don't put zero or lower than that.

This used for reduction on position shift on peds when ragdoll occurs, default value from madleg is 0.05 but I leave it to zero.

This is used for reduction on vector sh*t (aka rotating) on peds when ragdoll occurs, higher values make peds harder to rotated. Don't give it more than 1.0 because 1.0 is highest values (ragdoll is never rotating). Default value is 0.8

Gravitation velocity multiplier, recommended is 1.0. But you can modify it, it's your game and you have rights.

Bullet force power value when ped got hit by guns. Default value is 1.0.

an force from explosion energy will push your ragdoll or even throw it away. Default value is 1.0.

when ragdoll touched the solid object, it will reduce movement. here is the reduction value of it. Default value is 0.9.

Remember newton's laws of physics? two frictioned objects have their respective values. Here's for the ragdoll one. Default value is 1.1.

Ragdoll Deflection's to the surface. (original value 0.0)

This value is for joint movement, not ped's position shift to the world coordinates. Default value is 10.0.

a delay in seconds to rise up from ragdoll state. Default value is 1.0.

Boolean value (true/false). is Ragdoll can collide with Vehicle bound? Default value is True

is Ragdoll can collidie with dynamic object? such as cardboard. Default value is True

Margin range of Ragdoll to environment. Default value is 0.05.

Margin range of world environment to ragdoll. Default value is 0.04 (margin must have space range between ragdoll and world shape)

This is mean mass value to ragdoll. Default value is 20000.0 but I recommend 75000.0 because 75000.0 has equivalent velocity to fall speed of ped which is non ragdoll performed.

maximum world coordinates, because bullet physics engine need initialize world size.

fWorldMinX = -3250.0
fWorldMinY = -3250.0
fWorldMaxX = 3250.0
fWorldMaxY = 3250.0

this value is important for bullet physics engine to give memory location depends of how many object in the game. Default value is 60000 (the game has about 55000 objects) You can increase it if you add new object in the map or using different map from vanilla (example: GTA Underground or GTA united).

Here's my config:


iNumSubsteps = 15
fSimulationSpeed = 1.0
fRagdollLinearDamping = 0.0
fRagdollAngularDamping = 0.9
fRagdollGravity = 1.0
fBulletPower = 2.5
fExplosionPower = 2.5
fSurfaceFriction = 0.9
fRagDollFriction = 1.1
fRagDollRestitution = 0.0
fRagDollJointDamping = 150.0
fRagDollGetUpThreshold = 1.0
bVehicleShapeUseSpheres = true
bUseDynamicObjects = true
fRagDollShapeMargin = 0.05
fWorldShapeMargin = 0.04
fDynamicObjectMass = 75000.0
fWorldMinX = -3250.0
fWorldMinY = -3250.0
fWorldMaxX = 3250.0
fWorldMaxY = 3250.0
iNumIPLInstances = 60000




Why you share this? The reason I am share this because I don't want to reupload the mod because that's same as stealing mod. And I've find everyone have their own taste, you can configure by yourself. so I do not want to keep to myself. That's all I can do. Maybe this mod is dead but at least I've share something.

Edited by Gian_Yagami
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It doesn't matter if the mod is dead or not if there is still people using it :)

Thanks for the share !

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It doesn't matter if the mod is dead or not if there is still people using it :)

Thanks for the share !

Welcome, glad I can help :D

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One thing I don't like about this mod (or the configurations I've tried) is that in hit and runs, the ragdolls are flung upwards, and are cartoonishly flung horizontally very far (all the while spinning around a lot). How can I configure the ini file to be more realistic?

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Does anyone still have a copy of the first test version of this mod (I think called ragdoll_test1), when it was done entirely in Cleo script? Thanks. 

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