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Multiple protagonists for GTA VI- Yes or no?

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I'd prefer one protagonist,two at most.If there would be 3 protagonists,the story would need to have at least around 100 story missions to properly develop each protagonist,GTA 5 had too short story so the only protagonist who feels properly developed and like a real person is Michael (Trevor is an inconsistent manchild who either bullies others or throws tantrums all the time,and Franklin is just a bland stereotype of a young gangbanger who does nothing after moving to his new house).

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It can be well implemented if they go into a great story. Imagine getting into the mob background again, with three characters like in Goodfellas, same shared story, but with different personalities, way of thinking and the story evolving the three characters.


In GTA V all (or most of it was involving Michael) and the story was cliché and not deep and immersive as GTA IV (by far)...


Michael: cliché guy that his wife is about to divorce and his kids hates him and he feels miserable with lots of cash.

Franklin: I want 2 make money and get out from tha hood!

Trevor: doesn't add nothing, is just a continuation from Michael's trama, just some rare deep knowing of his personality and background


And of course a story that takes full of the switch potential after a few missions of the game, not when you reach 2/3 as in GTA V

Edited by Markhosdangerous

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the gta psychopath

I would like the next GTA game to have two protagonists instead of three and maybe like half way through the game you have to choose to kill off 1 of the protagonists that would be great for the next GTA

Edited by the gta psychopath

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2 protagonists who are twin brothers. Both of them are members of a criminal gang from opposite sides, the Cuban and Mexican gang.


Both brothers work together despite each gangs rivalry, and eventually make a peace deal with the powerful Colombian Cartel after gaining the trust and respect from their leaders. Unfortunately the deal goes wrong after they are framed for the murder of the Colombian Cartel leader.


To be continued...

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