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REXX's Contact Mission Playlists [PS4]

Recommended Posts


I have decided to make a dedicated thread containing playlists I have created featuring Contact Missions. The idea of this thread is to provide the Playstation 4 community with playlists so they can access certain Contact Missions based on their liking.


The playlists will be split into several classes, providing flexibility for those planning on playing a specific way. Ranging from simple contact-only mission playlists to playlists featuring particular missions with the same objectives, missions that can be done with particular vehicles, missions that can be completed solo, etc.


I will update this thread regularly with new playlists, as well as new links. Remember, these playlists are for Playstation 4!





Below you will find contact-only playlists featuring missions that can be played solo.


Simeon Contact Missions (Solo)


Gerald Contact Missions (Solo)


Lester Contact Missions (Solo)


Trevor Contact Missions (Solo)


Ron Contact Missions (Solo)


Lamar Contact Missions (Solo)


Martin Contact Missions (Solo) - Part 1


Martin Contact Missions (Solo) - Part 2


Please note that Martin's playlist had to be split due to exceeding the 16 job per playlist limit. Each playlist has 11 missions.




Below you will find playlists featuring a specific objective. This allows the player to complete them with particular vehicles or methods.


Destroy Objective Missions (Solo)



Will be updated with more playlists soon :) Edited by REXX

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Thanks this will come in handy one day.

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Verbal Soze
Posted (edited)

This is really helpful, should've been

pinned in the thread, thx rexx :D

Edited by ryannata

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Thanks man! ✌

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