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Downtown Street Car Meet - Most Wanted SR


Recommended Posts

Who's down with some street racing on the streets of our favorite Los Santos?
Bring out your best Sports car and join us for a classic GTA street race playlist.

Disclaimer: Traffic will be on. So if you're a pussy and will cry over this fact. Please don't come thank you. ;)

Will have a car show and playlist, player will vote on each other's cars (if you DO NOT vote, you will lose points).
you can also earn extra points on uniqueness of your car, so that way we don't have 6 of the same cars on the track.
Invites will go out 20mins before start time.
You will have until 8:10pm est to get in the lobby and choose your car.
Failure to do so will result in you losing 2 points per each minute you're absent.

Killing and bringing cops to meets will result in -100 points or disqualification &/or kick.

Lets just get out there and burn some rubber!

For questions or invite message @agentRangerXD on twitter or xbox live.


Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/149775742409344/


Group Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mostwantedsr/

Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/MostWantedSR1


Group R* Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_most_wanted_sr

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  • 4 months later...

Atomic World Challenge Sport GT Series. 

Season 3 Raound 1 

Friday, June 1st, 2018. 

With new races and a new format it’s finally back after high demand. Welcome to the Atomic World Challenge Season 3 (sports). This time around we will have only 1 race (1 class sports). This time around qualifying will be slightly different. On each track a par time will be set but it will be confidential until race day  and 2 qualifying sessions will be set 1 day before race day. Each race will be roughly 30 minutes long not including parade lap and grid setup, and lobby WILL be set up 20 minutes before race time. All participants will be able to race but penalties will be set if you exceed the set par time. Below are a list of banned cars that have been requested or that I think wouldn’t fit in with the type of race (if you have an idea of any other sport vehicle that wouldn’t fit in please message me on Xbox Sneaki Gyraffe).


This race will be first come, first serve! 



All Racers must use a car from the Sport class. 

Racers CANNOT use the cars as followed (more can be added): 


*Comet Safari 


*Karuma (Armored) 

*Hotring Sabre  

If these are used you will be disqualified. 


NO DIRT TIRES. If caught, you will be penalized. 


If you are reported for curb boosting or dirty racing you will be penalized. 

All Racers must respect fellow racers race lines. 


More rules and one from above will be discussed at drivers meeting before race. 


Points will go as followed: 

1. 30 

2. 28

3. 26

4. 24

5. 22

6. 20

7. 19

8. 18

9. 17

10. 16

11. 15 

12. 14

13. 13

14. 12 

15. 11

16. 10 

17. 9 

18. 8

19. 7 

20. 6

21. 5

22. 4

23. 3

25. 2 

26. 2 

27. 2 

28. 2

29. 2

30. 2 



1. Position X number of racers at end of race. 

2. + 2 points to the person with fastest lap.


Message Sneaki Gyraffe or Vipprimo on Xbox Live for invite to qualifying. 



Edited by agentRangerXD
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