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Invincible in death match ?


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Can players modify their characters to where they cant die ? I was doing a run and gun death match and one guy was freakin invincible . He obviously had the highest score . What is the point in this ? Youre winning by cheating !

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InB4lock pole position!!!!!



How are we supposed to know if we dont know your platform...

Edited by dino722
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Lots of god mode glitches are out there recently but mostly those are used by free roam players. But, it doesn't come as a surprise some players would take it to death matches as well.


As to the question why do players cheat, because they can, because it is tempting to beat the system. Really it is quite simple.

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PS3, XBOX 360, PC: Modded


PS4, XBOX One: Glitch


Its no surprise, god mode exploits been around since the day online was launched.

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Yeah, there's a really simple God Mode glitch using an exploit in Director Mode to get Invincibility online.


Useful for helping people demolish CMM? Yes.

Useful for winning a deathmatch? No.

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Yea its a director mode glitch people are using it in heist too. Evidently you can switch lobbies and jobs with godmode too. Rockstar probably won't fix this till next update 😞. Its all over youtube like cancer right now on how to do it

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What is the point in this ? Youre winning by cheating !

Welcome to the gaming world.

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It is possible, at least on PS4. I played a deathmatch the other day where there was another player glitched into a EMT outfit who had godmode on. No one on my team including myself could take him down and I wasted my full SMG and pump shotgun ammo on him while he smashed me in two hits to the head. I left as there is no way I'm now staying in an unbalanced match where some d!ckhead with godmode on can freely kill the opposing time while he takes no bullets to the head. I should've reported him but I doubt Rockstar would care unless it involved money glitches which would harm their precious shark card revenue.


Like i said In the B&M thread you have to be a special kind of moron to be using godmode in a deathmatch or using it at all. Deathmatches are for fighting, not being a pussy cat who is too scared to take a bullet to the head or face.

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Ran into a pair of invincible citizens today. They were willing to join a death match so the glitch must work there as well.

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Looks like this glitch can carry through jobs, sessions. I am going to play terminator in some contact mission like Death From Above, melee DDH juggernaut would be nice too, lol.

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