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Armando Mendez is a underrated character

Colonel _Cortez

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Colonel _Cortez

I think he was a very great gta villain. I really loved his very sarcastic, sadistic and yet very calm way of talking while acting as cultured as possible, like when he tries to philosophize. Someone like him never showed up again in any GTA game.


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All the villains in VCS were pretty good imo and are all underrated

Edited by RetroMystic
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they just aren't as popular as tenpenny or dimitri, that's why they feel like if they're "underrated" nonetheless they're all great imo

Edited by SMACKED!
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He was ok but I think Martinez was way better. Wish the latter had a bigger role, he was hilarious and really saw right through Vic's hypocrisy

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Sentinel Driver

Everything was a bit underrated about Vice city stories even though it's a great game

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Diego Mendez was too, couldn't understand a word he ever said though except as i referred it to jibber because i don't know Spanish


The whole game was underrated sadly


The one character i got a kick outta though was Jerry Martinez & his hilarious sense of humor


(Jerry Martinez)

"Victor Vance..Ah..Anyone Tell Ya You Got A Very Dumb Name?"

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  • 3 weeks later...

He was a great character, in fact, he is the only GTA villain that I actually feared back when I first played VCS.

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  • 3 months later...

I agree.

He's quite a cool organization boss and a dangerous criminal. Strongly re-acting and deadly, with a quiet personality.


I slightly liked the battle he had with Victor.

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  • 1 month later...

I like him and Diego too, Armando with his philosophical and calm way of speaking and Diego always silent and mysterious.

Armando reminds me of Alejandro Sosa (Scarface).

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