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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer? [GAME]


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Martha The Gnome

If am "going to work" (my usual 20-25 minute circuit roam-play) I take an Admiral. If its casual or the weekend, the ZR350, like road trips with 'the wifey' to Vegas.


Both are black, except the white Admirals as 'company cars'. I have a garage full of others I never use, mostly trucks and SUVs for the roadtrip I imagine taking to Whetstone but never do.


Lately I've been feeling old though. I'm thinking about getting a custom Broadway or Blade, or Tornado, something in white with some god-awful aqua blue trim that screams "retired" for occasional summer trips to my condo at the Rodeo(Century Plaza) with Wifey, so's I can drive to the Santa Monica pier, drive too slow and hold up traffic, gripe about the prices at Gelato Splatto and hang out at the marina doting on my Marquis or Tropic but rarely take it out, or if I do, never leave the coast and reminisce about Vice City until I talk myself into using that for roam-play until my next real-life vacation to Miami Beach again.


You know, old people stuff.


I've thought about recording roam-play as two old people in a Blade driving around Los Santos commenting on the crazy stuff you see a la Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" as a comedy bit. Getting lost in East LA, getting tagged by the cops for a fender bender, mishaps with gangs etc while I do voice-over acting.

Mate, read the original bloody post. Stick. To. The. Format.

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Mate, read the original bloody post. Stick. To. The. Format.




Okey doke. You're right. I just read the title.


Umm, Sea Sparrow.




Marquis or Tropic?

Edited by Lazlo_
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Towtruck (you can tow the pigs and dispose of them in the sea without getting your sorry skinny CJ into trouble)


voodoo Or DFT-30?

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