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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer? [GAME]


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The games idea was stolen from GoldenBlade. All credits goes to him of course.


So yes, this is another game ''Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?'', but this time, you have to guess the GTA SA cars, which GoldenBlade didn't make a forum post with that sadly, and so I manage to do that.

Here are also the rules bellow, that is if you are new to this game and don't know how to play it:


So, this game is just like the Or/Or game, which can be seen in the Gen Chat section. You choose 2 vehicles and ask "Vehicle 1 or Vehicle 2", and the next person will choose which one they prefer, and then they will choose 2 vehicles. Anyways, here's an example of how the game goes:

Person 1: Sabre or Stallion?
Person 2: Sabre. Premier or Elegant?
Person 3: Premier. Savanna or Blade?

...and so on. You get the idea. Now, let's begin, shall we?


Sultan or Elegy?

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