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Recommended Posts

Are you tired of people not taking roleplay seriously? If so then you have come to the right place. Here at SADOJ (RP) we treat roleplay like real life.

-Currently we are growing and are planning to be the biggest and best RP server there is.

-You will be around good people who respect each other and get along

-You will be around officers and civs who take it serious but also have a humorous side to things.

-Currently we have daily system where we have 20-25 players (Currently 1:3 Police : Civilian Ratio) where we all load into a invite only session and role play. The deal is that anybody can be anything whether it be a police officer or a mechanic or even a trashman. Everyone has a set goal decided by them and they get to play along. Currently we are looking for specific members to fill our Police ranks. If you have been on LSPDFR / DOJ servers you will basically be playing as such. Our current officers play the same way except our civilians are much more involved. In a way think of this as a My Sims.

Current Requirements (Police Oriented)

-A XB1 that runs GTA 5

-Must have a Mic (We go over it in training)

-Must know general codes (10 codes)

-Must atleast have participated in LSPDFR / DOJ or watched videos on it

-Must be 15+ (Age exceptions can be decided upon interview)

-Must be able to naviagate Discord


-You will be given website information and how to sign up

-You will be introduced to the civilian side of things and the LEO side

-You can message me on XB1 XxBrickmonkeyxX or join our training discord https://discord.gg/9Wmvs6Uand jump right into the training!

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Hi there.


You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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