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Model Memory


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Besides myself anyone else think that the Rockstar Races are using more than 150 pieces? I struggle to build races with extras like Signs, Fireworks etc to flesh them out with because my tracks are using it up first. Transform races now will severely limit object dependent on what vehicles and transformations you add. I think we should get more model memory of at least 175 or even 200, thoughts?


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Model memory is a joke. It's like R* are still using old-gen specification limitation notes.

I know, I know... not everyone has a super fast system (console or PC) and fast internets, but I think we're being limited for very stupid reasons. At least 200 to 250 would be easy IMHO, and that wouldn't melt too many platforms.

Regards R* made tracks, it's difficult to judge but I'm sure they're using more props, models and features (looking at you, warp checkpoints) than we're allowed.

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Currently I'm running a 6 core Vishera, 8 gigs of Ram and a 4Gb R7 vid card and GTA runs smooth as butter, I think that I can handle more than what the creator model memory is capped at..

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They should give us more props (maybe 250), but maybe not make it possible to add more than a certain number (like 100) props in a small area. That should avoid most issues.

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& a new challenge was added because adding transforms will also eat into your model memory budget XD & yes I would like to see warps added to the creator... so much potential going to waste :(

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This is a mis-labelled topic. Model memory is NOT the same as prop limit.

We now have 200 props which is good, however it is possible to run out of model memory before you have used up this many props. Model memory gets used up with various things such as advanced placement of props, use of dynamic props, fireworks, flaming hoops etc.

Using simple props you can easily place the full 200 props. I have found in the past that I can take for example a short stunt tube and place it with advanced placement/rotation options. If I repeat this using the same prop over and over, the model memory is little affected. However if each time I use advanced placement on a different prop type, the model memory gets used up quicker.

So if you struggle with model memory, try limiting your prop type variations. One little tip that may work if you're struggling for that last prop while out of model memory - save/publish the game, then exit creator and go back into it. You may find enough memory for the last piece.

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Yup Nugsy, model memory only gets used for each new prop you use. Some props use a lot of memory but once you have used them once every further use has no effect on Model Memory. It it the same with adding Transform vehicles.

I find memory starts to get a little tight towards the end of some creations, if so I just delete a prop or two that I know has a high memory impact, if they all get deleted it frees up some space.

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