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I need help with a vehicle


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Okay so I have been working on a forza horizon 2 model and I got it all sorted out to be processed as a model. I've set up the dummies and hierarchy made the collision and gave the model its own shadow.


Then I wanted to make a first test and it gave me crashes with a opcode before giving me a login screen in for instance a server then I realised the dummy names were wrong so I corrected that and all that. went ingame and the model gets unloaded by SAMP ''Could not load vehicle 598'' (yes im editing copcarvg) so then I figured I made a typo in my chassis_vlo so I corrected that and when I get into game now and I get close to the render distance of the car. my game crashes. Textures are mapped (they dont show in 3d max while using renderer for example but when I drag them on they're uvw'd correctly and I think they should be loaded by the game anyway) I'm quite unsure what makes the model crash at this point and I would appreciate help/options


Screenshot of hierarchy: http://prntscr.com/i359sv



I skip .col during export because the model has its own collision.

The model has positive file size (8677kb)

Textures are compressed with dx1

Edited by Skysann
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If your hierarchy is the same as the other cars, then you should be fine.

Are you sure the model actually has the collision appended correctly? Have you checked with RWAnalyze?

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I am not familiar with RW analyze too much, could you explain or help me how I could check this out. perhaps do you have some other chatting software such as discord where we can have a more direct chat?

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For anyone having trouble with vehicles. GTA reads a .COL file for its collisions, not a mesh in the hierarchy :sneaky: . In order to append a collision to a model, you need to export the collision mesh in .3DS and import that to ColEditor2 and save as a .COL. Do your work with the car (hope you use RWIO plugin), then append the collision with RWAnalyze (very bottom of the list, add new section to extension, type 0x253F2FA, import section data for the .COL and voila)

Edited by guard3
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