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OpenIV got shut down?

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The morons that figure that IOV is the reason for online cheating should have their head examined.

In case if hopeless, they need be castrated by hammer with no anesthesia, so they cannot reproduce and thus make the world even more unsafe with stupidity.

Then they should be beaten to death.


In case you failed to get it, OIV is NOT the reason of cheating Online, dumbasses.

Programs like Epsiban/Bansilon (aka Epsilon) *snip*, Infamous *snip* and ZenMenu *snip* are the reason of cheating in GTA5.

Go f*ck THEM over and let us Single Players live in peace.

We play Single Player BECAUSE of this, and if we go online for whatever, it is either in SOLO or INVITE, so we do not get harassed by these pathetic worms.

Or idiot/griefing c*nts, for that matter, of which Online is overpopulated with.


Sure, maybe a handful found a way around to have modded files by OIV loaded in Online, but seriously?

Got so frustrated, Rockstar, that you had to go after an innocent?



Forgot about that?


Know, Rockstar, YOU are far more guilty of cheating online than OIV EVER was, you know that, right?

You could have found so many ways to check into cheating, but you did not give a flying f*ck.

No, every so often you wake up from whatever nightmare you have, and jump into action, banning a sh*tload of dicks (hey good work, I mean that), but then you fall back to sleep for another month.


I am not a coder, but I can suggest already like 20 systems and ways to go after these cheating f*cks, hell, I even mailed your companies Online folks about this, but they slept through the mail delivery.



So, let me be quite blunt, since you fail to get your job done, I'll help you:

Go to the menu sites, buy their menu, and see how these work.
Build in protections against this, and voila.


Further on: create an online Guard system that looks for Godmode, Aim/Trigger bots, impossible money amount drops, impossible level amount gain, spawning of whatever (vehicles, items (asteroids, cages, trees, ...), look for non-GTA scripts starting up, I mean, PLENTY of ways to protect you.


Do whatever you need to do, but LEAVE US SINGLE PLAYERS ALONE.

We ALREADY are f*cked over and again, with you ignoring us entirely, more even, stripping stuff from the game, and thus in fact STEAL from us customers, as we PAYED for a FULL (SINGLE PLAYER) GAME, and NOT having only 1/6th of it.


I hope I was clear, if you need any and all explanation or a more in-depth approach of my post, please be so kind to contact me.


Thank you.

MadBuyer, the raging customer.

Edited by Spider-Vice

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You are so late to this story pahahaha, OIV has been back for AGES, this was resolved months ago and mods have been flourishing since.


Are you actually baiting?

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George Costanza

This is hidden ad for cheat menus.

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A few things here. First, no linking to mod menus. Second, this is the wrong section to talk about any kind of modding or cheating. Third, OpenIV has been back for a long time.

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