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GTA Underground constant random crashes


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I've tried separate reinstalls and I always get random crashes. Even tried running as adminstrator and compatibility tweaks

I tried to update to snapshot 3.2 and now it crashes after afew seconds in game



i5 4690

8GB Ram

GTX 770

Windows 7





Decyrpt key: !mYFCyvnPPcQKqeitEtlxoAHHmvDWNJZv-yQh0T2_WHQ


I understand you guys must get this alot, but I could see no other option than to register and post. from what I've seen of this mod, I am amazed at the work that went into this and would love to get a fix as soon as possible.



Also I have no idea why mega needs a decypt key but I've included it as I made a fresh account.

Edited by ryanshedy
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  • 2 weeks later...

I also have random crashes, I've been able to play like an 1 hour and then my game crashed..I restarted and after 5 min, random crash again.

I get the "see the minidumps folder" when crashed, I don't have any crash log from fastman.

Such a shame because it's actually an amazing mod. I didn't tried much solutions about the crashes yesterday night, I will today; if I found anything that will somehow fix this, I will of course come back here to post it.


minidumps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p_1EXjJD_UhpqzFndUPjmXaFcP4vUbpU

Edited by anthony
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I actually turned off the blood droplets from SkyGFX and put back CJ as a playermodel, that's all I did and I didn't had any crash, I did all the Las Venturas races and some of L.S, I didn't go to Vice City but whatever because yesterday when I restarted many times the game after the crashes I was in L.S and the game was still crashing anyway (about 5 min later).


Edit: After almost 2 hours played I got 1 random crash while beating a cop at the the port asset, and an another one just after I relaunched the game, while enter the ammunation at ocean beach, the game freeezed; I didn't had any crash log or minidumps for both of these crash.

Edited by anthony
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Create your own thread.

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That's all you have to say ? Sure; but I will not create a thread, it doesn't change the fact that you can check my minidumps and help me; but whatever I write here because I have the same problem than him.


That's all, anyway I will try to fix the problems myself.

Edited by anthony
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