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Rockstar Central #43 (13 - 19 Jan)


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art by @slohbur


GTA Next | GTA Online | GTA V | Red Dead Redemption | Red Dead Redemption II | R* General


Welcome to the 43rd week of Rockstar Central, early again! This week we have the winners of the Doomsday and Festive Surprise Snapmatic Contest, the Doomsday Video Challenge and a new contest, along with some new GTA Online bonuses and an adversary mode, in a completely unsurprising fashion, as Rockstar have not yet given us the pleasure to enjoy some red news... Not that kind of red news. Red Dead news.



This week, another new car arrives in Los Santos. Imported straight from the luxurious and classic cities of Italy, the Grotti GT500 is now available at Legendary Motorsport. A very classy car, it will bring you wherever you want quickly and smoothly... well, as much as speed allows.

A new Adversary Mode is also available now! Air Quota, the newest offering in the enormous selection of Adversary Modes is now available, and puts you in a pretty large aerial fracas for up to 4 teams and 16 players. If your Jetpack and airplane/helicopter skills are on point, this Adversary Mode is for you, as you work your way through every flavour of air combat, by, well, blowing everyone else to smithereens with Missiles and Cannons.
As usual, this Adversary Mode sports a Double GTA$ and RP reward through next Tuesday, 22nd January.

This week is customisation week. And with this, Rockstar decided to offer citizens of Los Santos with some nice discounts to customise their property and add some nice swag to it, as well as upgrade your fleet with some new aircraft. Until next Tuesday, you can enjoy a 25% off:

  • Facility Styles
  • Facility Graphics
  • The Facility Security Room
  • The Buckingham Pyro (Both Buy Now and Trade prices)
  • The HVY Nightshark

Until next Tuesday as well, a new Premium Stunt Race and Time Trial are available.

  • Premium Stunt Race: "Plummet", locked to Supercars
  • Time Trial: "Tongva Valley"

Fresh off the oven are the winners of the #Doomsday and #FestiveSurprise2017 Snapmatic photo challenge, that Rockstar posted up on the Newswire. From an amazing landscape of Deluxos reminding you of 80s science-fiction, to a stealth operation in the IAA's server farm, you can check out all the winners in this Rockstar Newswire article. Winners of this challenge were awarded a GTA$1 million reward for their work. Good job everyone, great pictures!
In this same vein, the winners of the Doomsday Social Club sweepstakes were also announced, and won some awesome GTA V swag to add to their wardrobes and walls, and desks, and...

The #FestiveSurprise winners are also out, and one of them is our own GTAForumer @EVOLUT7ON, who has been featured a couple of times in our own Snaps of the Week! You can check those out in the link above as well.
(Rockstar also reminds you to go and get that Double Action Revolver for unlocking in RDR2!)

Even fresher off the oven as they were revealed yesterday are the winners of the Smuggler's Run Rockstar Editor contest, every single one showing amazing cinematography skills and amazing use of the game's content for this end. The winner is going to be rewarded with a GTA V varsity jacket, an Editor trophy and an actual Director's Chair as seen here!

Rockstar has also announced a new video contest, this time for the Doomsday Heist DLC. Tag your Rockstar Editor short film with #DOOMSDAY to enter the contest and get a shot at earning that swag above. The runners-up will also be rewarded with a $100 R* Warehouse gift card and a deluxe GTA V prize pack of collectibles. Yummy, collectibles!
You only need to follow a few rules, by submitting those videos from either PC, PS4 or Xbox One:

  • Feature content from The Doomsday Heist
  • Videos between two and five minutes in length
  • They have to be published to the Social Club with the #DOOMSDAY tag, using the Rockstar Editor upload function by the 4th of February.
  • They should be entirely made using the Rockstar Editor - no external editing tools.

Check out the winners of the Smuggler's Run contest here.


art by @slohbur

In Snaps of the Week, we show off 5 of the best screenshots, in no specific order, from this week's submissions all over the forums. This can include other games, other than GTA V, but admittedly there has been a shortage of pictures from other games. Enjoy and props to all the talented photographers and their characters!











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black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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Dope picture by "blaze"!!


Anyone know how it's done?

With help of mods, i belive.

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Dope picture by "blaze"!!


Anyone know how it's done?

With help of mods, i belive.


i want to belive

Edited by sh*t
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