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[REL|SA] 4K Artworks & Load Screens


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After almost three years after the creation of this topic, it's finally time to give a proper update! This time around all load screens are unique, the main title screen is also now much more true to the original. The nvidia and eax splash screens were also remade for this, for those who refuse to give them up. You can choose between two versions, 4K (4096x2304) or 2k (2048x1152).

You can most likely run either of them, but for space or possible crashing issues with the 4K version, I also included the 2K option, Hopefully I'll eventually manage to pull off something even better than this but time will say. For now go get these new artworks!



Note: They may look worse or kind of different here, because these previews are hosted in discord, make sure to watch them for yourself in your game!


Load Screens:









EAX / Nvidia splash screens:






Now, I know that I don't own any of these brands / original artworks, but please ask for permission for re-upload or anything similar.




Edited by Reameb
Complete mod update
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Important update: Instead of saving the artworks in DDS and DXT5, which caused a quality loss, now i have re-done the whole TXD file again with proper image exporting and proper quality, no longer compressed, now it looks like it should! so please, download the mod again if you did downloaded the file before.

Edited by Reameb
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DDS doesn't mean compressed, it's only compressed if you use DXT formatting, DDS can also handle uncompressed forms.

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DDS doesn't mean compressed, it's only compressed if you use DXT formatting, DDS can also handle uncompressed forms.

Actually i messed something up. and gradients where showing up wrong, ("16 bit" like) characters borders where a bit messy too, now i exported everything as PNG and it looks like it should, thats why i always keep the PSD file.

Edited by Reameb
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  • 2 years later...

But what a beautiful job yes, I know I was late to this section but if you see this comment let me tell you that what you did is impeccable congratulations and I wanted to know if you are still active and if you plan to continue working on this project greetings.

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It is the best Loadscreen I have seen so far, although some characters are missing but that does not take away from the great work that the creator is doing, I do not lose hope that the creator updates this beautiful project.

Edited by Jethro.
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December 2020 Update:

  1. Main title screen more true to the original (Thanks to @Ash_735 for some artworks).
  2. EAX / Nvidia re-done from scratch instead of rockstar generic artwork.
  3. 4K Quality, 2K option available too,
  4. No more duplicate artworks.
  5. No more "GTA V Style".
  6. New artworks.

Hope y'all enjoy.

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