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Whats your most used vehicle and why?


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It doesnt matter what vehicle land/air/sea...




Becuase I love helicopters, its stealth mode provokes a sense of security and invisible, its armed and armored, transports 4 players...ohh yeah, and it looks dope!!


Curious to know yours and why?

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Currently I would say Deluxo because its more convenient than spawning actual aircraft and it can fly a f*ck ton faster than any vehicle in the game atm and unlike that pos Thruster (while it does have flares and flies faster normally its rockets suck) and I just f*cking love how I can hover around objects with such finesse, the protection from gunfire and overall looks of the Deluxo.



Edited by CrysisAverted
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I hate to say, but its Opressor. For me its a great way to get from A to B, either good way to make an retribution if someone disturbing me.

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Akuka and nightshark i use mostly as it doesn't take long for half the lobby wanting me dead or pinned down with no hope lol.

Passive cars are mostly classics i tend too use. Sentinel classic,deluxo,savestra are my cruisers

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I only just got the Akula & Deluxo and I can see them becoming my new regulars but so far I usually use the Buzzard (CEO convenience) and Oppressor (it's fast, versatile and hilarious when you crash).

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Bruce Khansey

I drove sooooo many miles with the Dinka Akuma because it's cheap, fast and I love bikes. I also used the Buzzard for a long long time.

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Hard to say. I'm a car man, with a full lot too, so I'm always driving or looking to drive more than ride bikes or fly.


But I dare say the Buzzard is the one that clocked the most miles, just by default really. I did run a sh*t load of crates, lol. Same for my Bati 801RR, just so quick to bring up when on resupplies and in a pinch.


But of my cars, really couldn't tell ya.

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The Buzzard, obviously :)



My buzzard is enjoying its well earned retirement :), the ceo one gets a bit of use but its an inbetween vehicle tbh

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You mean overall or favorite?


Overall tied between Savage, Buzzard and Insurgent. I've owned the Savage the longest, and mostly used the Buzzard to get from point A to B, mainly to pick up the Savage, which I would then use for different activities. And the Insurgent for just about any ground activity.


Favorite tied between Akula, Avenger and Hauler Custom. The Akulas stealth is perfect for when I'm in a "leave me alone" or when you want to jam a missile up some annoying gits rear. The Avenger is fast and lots of health (when it isn't one-shotted). The Hauler is decently fast, can power through most vehicles and has a lot of health. Direct the read towards the enemy and hear them cry out of rage of not being able to take you out.

Edited by secrecy274
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Rider needs his motorcycle of choice. It's cheap, good looking, fast/agile and i can spawn it with MC menu. Also i attached to it on emotional level, so i won't ever sell or change it.

Yes, i ride around freemode without any armor or bullet cover.



Edited by Sanches
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Cackling Jack

My orange dukes. I love it so much its like my chill car to cruise in other than my insurgent of im heading into a warzone.

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Thruster, since it's a new Buzzard now just for one. I'm using Viseris in IE race missions because of the pure speed.

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I don't have a mostly driven car as I try to equally drive all cars I own, though lately the Deluxo has been getting most of the driving due to its sheer versatility and offensive capabilities.

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Turismo Classic. I use this car to go everywhere. I do tend to randomly choose a car to make things fun once in a while, but I stick with the Turismo most of the time.



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For the car i always use the armored kuruma, even though it's armor based on a police tranpsorter, this car is so reliable while doing contact missions, supply missions etc

for the air transport i always use the akula, because of the stealth mode, obviously

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For me it changes accordingly to the content being released, so of course i'll use the newest vehicles more and it will constantly change.


Right now that vehicle for me it's the deluxo, best vehicle in the game overall, good for everything.


Only downside for me at least it's that it takes a little time to take off when you are going full speed, other than that, perfect, and i can also get rid of everything that comes to botter me that is not a hydra or lazer for which i step down and use my sniper haha.

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The First Hunter

Last night i realized i haven't used my PV for like a week because of Buzzard lol.

But overall my favorite vehicles to use are DoD, IPUC, Buzzard and Hydra

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