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Official MOTD discussion thread

The Dagger

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Guys this is motd (mission of the day) its almost like motw I hope you will enjoy it the winner will choose the next theme



1: No stealing of mission allowed

2: No previous uploaded mission allowed

3: The winner will choose next theme

4: No irrelevant talk

5: The mission must be uploaded in 24 hours (Day)

Edited by The Dagger
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Super Shizuku

Lol, pal. Considering the inactivity of this community, what makes you think someone can make a good mission in just one day?

Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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DYOM 2k18 Checklist.


[v]DYOM Contest #9

[v]DYOM World Cup

[v]MOTW - Mission of The Week

[v]MPOTM - Missionpack of The Month

[v]MOTY - Mission of The Year

[v]MOTD - Mission of The Day

[]SLOTM - Storyline of The Month

[]2MO2W - 2 Missions of 2 Weeks

[]MOTH - Mission of The Hour

[]MOTYOL2Y - Mission of The Year of Last 2 Years

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PyThOn #TakeItEasy

Bro we're waiting for mission of the minute!





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Yasa you retard! Can you just stop this madness sh*t? MOTD stands for a Mission of the Day?? Designers cant even fcking design for a day, and you want to make them join to his trash contest and design a mission for a fcking day? Designers have a life, going outside, and I saw your missions, and I want to tell you, how much hours maximum are you doing those missions? The main thing is you need to stop this sh*t or you will get banned again.

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Now, whats this??? MOTD,MPOTM now someone will MOTH(mission of the hour).The missions made in few hour is not mission,its just a piece of sh*t you have designed.It takes time,idea,creativity,experience etc. to make a nice mission,which you need to learn first. MOTW is returning soon and that is 1000 times better than MOTD or MPOTM. You don't even have a week's experience in GtaForum you're just a new guy here , you might wanna wait or MOTW rather than doing this.

But if you still wanna make mission( in few hours and held this, then you can held this ,participate alone and if you're lucky you might win.

Lastly you have to use "/" at the ending bbcode.

Edited by Chaos17
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First yasa, then yasashakeel, then the snake, skywestlover, then gjpdagmjg and 2 more stupid names and now The Dagger. The biggest noob and irritating kid of gtaforums.

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